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How do mammoth cruise ships stay afloat? The principles of density and buoyancy plus lots of modern technology keep today's cruise ships sailing. Take this quiz to learn more about how cruise ships work.

What happened to the QE2?

The QE2 sailed her last voyage in 2008. The Dubai government purchased the grand ship for $100 million.


In the early 1900s, how did people cross the Atlantic Ocean?

The only way was to travel by ship.


What caused trans-Atlantic sea travel to lose popularity?

With the availability of faster travel by airplane, trans-Atlantic sea travel diminished.


How do cruise ships float?

The principles of density and buoyancy keep ships afloat.


Where is the hull of the ship?

The hull is the body of the ship below the main deck.


Which type of hull is more stable and seaworthy?

Round-bottomed hulls are more stable and seaworthy than V-hulls.


What is a disadvantage of a round-bottomed hull?

The round-bottomed hull creates a slower moving ship, but its smooth movement makes it a good choice for cruises.


How do modern cruise ships power their engines?

Modern cruise ships use gas turbines or diesel engines.


How fast can cruise ships go?

Cruise ships max out at about 30 knots.


Why did the Titanic sink?

RMS Titanic did not have the turning ability to steer clear of an iceberg. Too bad it did not have azimuth thrusters -- the outcome could have been much different.


What are the levels of a cruise ship called?

A deck is a level of a ship. Higher number decks are on higher levels of the ship.


Who is the captain's right hand-man?

The staff captain is the captain's chief assistant.


What are the forms of waste that cruise ships must dispose of?

Black water is from human waste, and solid waste is made up of plastics and metals.


How do cruise ships dispose of gray water?

The water from showers, dishwashing and such is dumped into the sea at least three miles from shore.


What is ballast water?

Ballast water is taken on to stabilize a ship.


What type of illness is the norovirus?

The norovirus is a stomach flu.


What are your options if you become ill while cruising?

The cruise ship will have a chief medical officer on staff, a doctor who can perform minor operations and other medical procedures.


What political party owned cruise ships during the 1930s?

The German Nazi Party owned cruise ships.


What is the largest ocean liner to sink?

HMHS Britannic was a sister ship to RMS Titanic. The Britannic sank in 55 minutes, and 30 out of the 1,000 passengers died.


What happened to RMS Olympic, sister ship of RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic?

It struck another boat in 1934, thanks to some serious fog. Less than a year later, it was retired, and bits of it were sold off.


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