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What's faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive? These days, it's not Superman but Crypton Super Fabric. It works fast at preventing staining and is so powerful, it repels icky germs. So, get yourself comfy in an easy-chair (most likely made from the super stuff) and take this super quiz.

These days, what safety issues are important to consumers when they make a purchase?

Nowadays more than ever before, consumers worry about toxic ingredients, such as lead and VOCs.

What kinds of factors can play a role in the decay of fabrics?

There are quite a few enemies of the humble piece of fabric, including stains, creepy-crawlies, germs and mildew.

Until Crypton Super Fabrics came on the market, people would suffer from _____

Crypton Super Fabrics was a godsend: no more stinky pet beds, germy placemats or stained sofas.

Craig and Randy Rubin, both from Michigan, began to develop Crypton Super Fabrics in what year?

The Rubin duo had their humble beginnings on Crypton Super Fabrics as recently as 1993.

Within 15 years since its birth, the production of super fabrics had reached _____

Within a mere 15 years, 60 million yards of the super fabric had been installed worldwide.

The original use of Crypton Super Fabrics was contained within what venues?

Originally, only public places such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants, were using the wondrous new fabric.

Crypton Super Fabrics are known to be water-resistant. How long does this attraction last?

Not only is it water-resistant, but each fiber is ingrained with this quality, so no amount of time or wear-and-tear will compromise it.

Are Crypton fabrics any more stain-resistant than traditional fabrics?

Crypton fabrics are superior by far and display the stain-resistance properties by not even absorbing most spills into the cloth.

What does Crypton Fabrics claim vis-à-vis the spread of germs?

Crypton Fabrics are processed with microbe-resistant properties, thus minimizing the spread of bacteria.

Which professional fields are involved in the production of Crypton Super Fabrics?

The Rubins of Michigan couldn't do it alone. They called in textile engineers and chemists to help develop their super product.

What are some of the chemical ingredients needed in the making of Crypton Super Fabrics?

The chemical ingredients needed include antimicrobial and fluorochemical agents.

Why are there UV stabilizers in Crypton Super Fabrics?

The UV stabilizers are a crucial component, designed to keep fading at bay for at least two years.

What components of Crypton Super Fabrics serve to decrease flammability?

Flame retardants are embedded in the wonder fabric, acting as an anti-inflammable.

Which of these fabrics can undergo the innovative Crypton curing process?

Actually, many fabrics are suitable for the Crypton curing process, first of which are cotton and linen.

In what ways have Crypton Super Fabrics gone green?

The fabrics are largely made of recycled materials. They're also eco-friendly, where possible, and emit little pollution during production.

Crypton has developed its own line of stain-removal products. Do these work on regular fabrics, too?

Crypton's stain-removal potions work on Crypton fabrics as well as regular ones, although they are specifically designed for the Crypton range.

Which stain remover is recommended for nasty stains like beer and vomit?

It's quite impressive but Crypton has developed different potions for different stains. The one you need for beer and vomit is the gold-colored one.

Why are Crypton products popular in hotels?

Crypton products are anti-salmonella, anti-E.coli and anti all other kinds of hard-to-pronounce germs: perfect for hotels notorious for the spread of such nasties.

What is a common problem with regard to creating a disinfectant for fabric?

Most disinfectants can prove to be corrosive to the fabric.

What common products might be made from Crypton fabrics?

You'd be surprised how many everyday products contain Crypton fabric. These include outdoor furniture, pet beds and quilts.

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