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Cryptoquotes are fun word puzzles, but how did these brain games get their start? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about cryptology and how to solve cryptoquotes.

Cryptoquote word puzzles are spin-offs from what popular, hidden-message brain game?

While cryptoquotes always consist of a popular saying or a quote by a famous person, this puzzle originated from cryptograms, which can be any message.


Cryptograms weren't always used for entertainment. In what war did the U.S. military first begin to use cryptology in its communications?

President George Washington is credited with successfully using cryptograms during the Revolutionary War to learn valuable information about the British armies.


What is the name for the practice of encoded writing?

Cryptography is the practice of secret writing, while cryptology is the science of secret writing.


Someone who communicates in code is called a …

Cryptographers are experts who write hidden messages. In modern communication, cryptographers might work for the government or in finance, where encryption of software or personal information is essential.


The key to help you solve a cryptoquote is called a …

You need a cipher in order to solve (decipher) cryptoquotes.


Which Roman emperor created a cipher that is still used today?

Julius Caesar created a cipher by shifting the order of the alphabet. This cipher is relatively easy to decode for today's puzzle enthusiast, but it confused Caesar's enemies at the time.


Which U.S. President invented the cipher wheel?

Thomas Jefferson created plans for the cipher wheel (a cylindrical disc that, when aligned a certain way, would spell out hidden messages).


Which branch of the U.S. military was the first to adopt the cipher wheel created by a U.S. President?

In 1922, the U.S. Army began using a cipher wheel similar to the one invented by Thomas Jefferson, and the other branches of the military soon implemented the cipher wheel in their own operations.


Which of the following groups was established during the Civil War to create and decode secret messages by the U.S. military?

Signal Corps was solely responsible for all secret communications. Its members were experts at both writing and translating encrypted messages.


How does a transposition cipher work?

With a transposition cipher, the letters have been moved, but the characters themselves haven't changed.


Which infamous serial killer utilized cryptology to send newspaper outlets coded messages?

The Zodiac Killer began terrorizing residents of San Francisco during the late 1960s with encrypted messages to local newspapers. This case still remains unsolved.


What was the name of the cipher machine the Germans successfully used during World War II to transmit secret information?

The typewriterlike machine, called ENIGMA, was capable of creating elaborate cryptograms that the Germans used during World War II to send classified information. Another machine, called the BOMBE, was invented to decipher ENIGMA messages, which helped shorten the war.


Which ciphers are most commonly used in cryptoquote word puzzles?

The most commonly used ciphers in cryptoquotes are called "substitution ciphers," which contain simple letter substitutions.


True or False: When solving cryptoquotes, the author of the quote might help provide clues.

Puzzle experts recommend thinking about commonly quoted people to help decipher a few letters in cryptoquotes.


Which best-selling book is credited with making cryptology interesting again for new generations?

Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code," along with his follow-up "The Lost Symbol," are credited with sparking an interest in the art of writing and deciphering secret messages.


Which organization promotes cryptography as a hobby similar to chess?

The American Cryptogram Association promotes cryptography as a hobby for puzzle enthusiasts. A convention is held annually for those with a passion for all types of crypto-puzzles.


In which country must a criminal suspect turn over any ciphers if asked by police?

Criminals can face additional charges if they do not turn over requested ciphers in the United Kingdom.


What is the name of the cryptoquote puzzle that's nationally syndicated in newspapers?

CryptoQuip is the name of the cryptoquote puzzles found in most newspapers in the United States today.


What is the term for analyzing how often letters are repeated in a cipher?

Frequency analysis is used to solve ciphers by noticing letter patterns, or how often letters are repeated, in words.


Which popular American author wrote a short story that involved the use of cryptograms?

The plot of Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Gold Bug" centers on a cryptogram that must be deciphered to find a buried treasure.


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