Culinary term or military term?

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There are times that the culinary and military worlds collide. Soldiers do have to eat, of course. Can you figure out which of these words you'd use in a kitchen, a mess hall -- or the trenches?


Sounds like it could be some sort of European weapon, but it's actually the French word for "zabaglione," an Italian custard.


Blood chit?

This could be a good name for some gory part of a cow, but the Department of Defense says it's "a small sheet of material depicting an American flag and a statement in several languages to the effect that anyone assisting the bearer to safety will be rewarded."



Both. This was a thin turnip soup that British troops choked down in the trenches during World War I. Yum.



You could make a case for this being a fancy way to purify coffee, but it's really the term for the clandestine removal of troops from an enemy area.



An Army lantern? No -- it's an hors d'oeuvre made from stuffed puff pastry strips.



This is a popular Japanese snack -- but don't you think it could be the name of a game that bored Navy seamen played during World War II?



This is a fine example of when the culinary and the military combine to produce a true delicacy -- a hard biscuit made of flour and water. Very popular during the Civil War ... not so much nowadays.


Midcourse phase?

It sounds like it could be a brief rest between dinner courses, but it's actually a military term having to do with the flight of a ballistic missile.



An exotic Scandinavian shellfish, perhaps? Nope, it's a crane on a military boat.



A massive aircraft carrier engine -- or raw sugar? Sugar.


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