Customize Your Dream Wedding Dress and We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status!

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About This Quiz

One of the most important days of any woman's life is her wedding day. And one of the most important parts of said wedding day is the wedding dress. Now, some of us have known the kind of dress we want from the time we were little girls, while some of us decide a few short months before the actual day. Regardless of whether you've found your dream dress or not, we're pretty sure there are a few (or more) custom changes that you'd want to make - you know, just to make it more yours. 

So we want you to do exactly that in our quiz. Of course, you'll have to start off with the basics, like telling us the length, silhouette and color, but then you'll customize each part of the dress to make it look like it was made just for you. The best thing is that you won't have to pay a dime to make this gorgeous masterpiece a virtual reality. And as a bonus, we'll even guess what your current relationship status is. 

So if it sounds like fun to create your dream wedding dress and find out if we're good enough to identify whether you got a boo or not, then let's start this quiz. 

What's the budget for your wedding dress?

Where are you thinking about purchasing your dress from?

Who is helping you choose your dress?

What color dress are you going with?

What silhouette should this dress have?

What material will feel best against your skin?

How fitted should the dress be?

How long will your train be?

Will you be exposing your arms?

How much of your back will your dress reveal?

How much cleavage are you willing to have on display?

What percentage of your dress will have lace?

Will there be any beading?

Will any tulle make an appearance on this dress?

What about floral features on your dress?

Tell us about the accessories. What kind of veil will you be going for?

Should the veil match the dress seamlessly?

Which designer shoe would you love to have for your special day?

How tall is your wedding shoe going to be?

Will any part of your dress match your partner's outfit?

Sorry, but we need some more info about the wedding. Where will it be taking place?

Who will be paying for this wedding?

How many guests will be coming?

What kind of bar will you have?

What sort of food will you serve?

What about your entertainment?

How many tiers will your cake have?

What flavor will your cake be?

Will you smash a piece of cake into your new spouse's face?

Where will you be jetting off to after the ceremony?

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