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He emerged from rural poverty to become one of the most famous self-help advocates of all time. How much do you know about Dale Carnegie?

Carnegie's best-known book is called "How to Win Friends and Influence…" what?

His success led him to write several other books, too


At the beginning of his career, why did Carnegie change his name?

Andrew Carnegie, of course, was the man who made his fortune in the steel business.


What was the original spelling of Carnegie's last name?

And his middle name was Harbison.


What year did Carnegie die?

He passed away more than a half a century ago but his influence is still amazingly strong.


In which state was Carnegie born?

He was born in Maryville, part of an impoverished farming family.


Which high school team did Carnegie join?

The debate team helped him hone his orating skills.


Instead of going into farming, what profession did Carnegie decide to try?

He sold everything from soap to bacon and immediately exhibited an aptitude for the art of the pitch.


After saving up $500 from sales, Carnegie quit his job to do what?

The idea of fame was alluring to him from the very beginning.


In which branch of the military did Carnegie serve?

He served for about a year during WWI but was never sent overseas.


Carnegie hated theater, so he began teaching what subject?

He taught public speaking classes at a YMCA in New York.


In what year did Carnegie start the Dale Carnegie Course?

He was 24 years old when he started the organization that would eventually span the globe.


How long were Carnegie's courses in the early 1930s?

It was during one of these courses that he was approached by a man from publishing company Simon & Schuster.


In what city did Carnegie decide to create a headquarters for the Dale Carnegie Institute?

He bought a large warehouse in Manhattan and converted it into office space.


How many copies of Carnegie's book were printed during its first run?

While he was still alive, the book would go on to sell more than 5 million copies.


To date, about how many copies of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" have been sold?

It is one of the most iconic books of its genre.


In its first year of sales, how many different editions of his book were published?

It immediately became apparently that this book was tapping into the public's consciousness.


In addition to public speaking and psychology, Carnegie also wrote what kinds of books?

He figured that by writing about other famous people, he would learn their methods of success.


By Carnegie's estimate, about how many speeches did he critique during his lifetime?

He wasn't just a speaker, he was a keen listener.


Around the world, how many Dale Carnegie Training program instructors are there?

They spread Carnegie's methods for success in franchises in 90 countries.


To date, about how many people have completed the Carnegie training program?

According to the company, 99% of course graduates say they are satisfied with the training.


Carnegie wrote a biography about which U.S. president?

"Lincoln the Unknown" explores the personal side of the famous man, attempting to uncover his defining traits.


In his most famous book's first edition, Carnegie says the first thing the book will help you do is what?

His first goal was to jar readers out of their comfort zone.


Carnegie wrote that the only way to get the best in an argument is to do what?

He said that arguing is a sure way for both sides to lose, no matter who "wins."


Carnegie wrote that the No.1 way to get people to like you is to do what?

Genuine appreciation for other people helps them appreciate you, too.


What was Carnegie's first rule for making your home life happier (a section that was removed from the book in 1981)?

Carnegie was pretty direct with his advice, no matter the issue at hand.


What should you NEVER say, according to Carnegie?

Humiliating someone never does any good in the long run.


What was the name of the last book Carnegie published while he was still alive?

He said he wrote this one because constant worrying made him so unhappy.


What does Carnegie write is the first step in analyzing worry?

Then weigh all of the facts, make a decision and then act.


What should you do if you're wrong, according to Carnegie?

He said that when we admit we are wrong, other people actually begin to trust us more.


If something is inevitable, Carnegie wrote that you should do what?

Fighting an impossible battle just lowers your quality of life.


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