Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Dangerous Cars Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Dangerous Cars Quiz
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About This Quiz

When you think of a dangerous car, are you thinking the General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazard?" or maybe you imagine sitting behind "Knight Riders" Kitt? Well, we're not talking fantasy-land TV here. We're talking about real cars and real dangers. Yep, these are cars that have had a history of bad behavior from poor designs to cost-savings at the risk of safety and also, plain old engineering mistakes.

In fact, if you first learned to drive before the 1970s, you more than likely were well aware of the injuries and deaths that were produced from these vehicles, if you weren't a victim yourself. Engineering safety and safety regulations have come a long way, but only in the last couple decades that behavior became the primary concern on the road. Before that, well... imagine if your car just caught on fire. Do you know which 1970s Ford was notorious for catching on fire? Or, do you know why Jeep Wranglers had infamously poor side-impact ratings?

You might think that dangerous cars are a thing of the past, but how about the Toyota Yaris and its high number of injury claims or even the popular Ford Mustang, which is still considered one of the most dangerous cars on the road? From driver behavior to just poor design, some cars are inherently more dangerous than others.

So, chug a cup of coffee, adjust your mirrors, look both ways and take this quiz to find out how much you know about the most dangerous cars on the road.

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