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The desire to push one's limits is a characteristic of people all over the world. But some folks like to push a bit further than others. Can you identify the most dangerous contests and the risks involved?

Before the contest came to an end, the World Sauna Championships would typically be decided in how many minutes?

If the contest had typically run more than 4 to 6 minutes, a lot more people likely would have died.


The temperatures were so high in the World Sauna Championships, you could boil this:

No, you couldn't melt rocks or minerals, but -- at 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius) -- you could boil water, and that is plenty dangerous.


True or false? In the final World Sauna Championship duel, one man died but the other walked away unscathed.

Even the man who survived had to be hospitalized.


Free soloing gets its name because:

It's called soloing because there's nothing holding a climber to the rock wall but himself. They may even be an extrovert, but it doesn't matter when they're climbing.


True or false? One contestant in the World Sauna Championships said his throat felt like someone had stuck a sword down it.

He actually said it felt like a tiki torch had been stuck down his throat. But let's be honest, tiki torches and swords are both unpleasant.


The Vertical Blue competition is held where?

The waters of the Bahamas make for a beautiful place to test one's limits in free diving.


True or false? The Dinka Tribe has a fat man contest, but there's another similar contest held in Atlantic City.

Gorging yourself at a casino's buffet table in Atlantic City is not like participating in the months-long Dinka fat man contest.


It's not unheard of for this organ to rupture during the Dinka fat man contest:

A recent winner of the Dinka fat man contest died when his stomach ruptured.


True or false? Drinking water is never unhealthy.

Water intoxication is a potentially fatal condition brought on my drinking too much H2O.


The Disc Jockeys responsible for the “Hold Your Wee for Wii” contest suffered this punishment:

The radio station that employed the disc jockeys took quick action and terminated their employment.


True or false? Trained participants in the Vertical Blue competition never seem to worry.

Overwhelming anxiety is a natural feeling at extreme depths.


Free soloist John Bachar issued a challenge from Yosemite. What was the challenge?

No one took John up on his challenge to try to free solo for a day like he could.


Before Bachar died in a climbing accident, he was injured doing what?

In 2006, Bachar was seriously injured in an automobile accident.


In 2009, Bachar died in a fall in this area:

The Mammoth Lakes fall happened not far from Bachar's home.


The woman who died in the “Hold Your Wee for Wii” contest was how old?

The 28-year-old mother complained of a headache and was later found dead of water intoxication.


True or false? Throughout the Dinka fat man contest, participants continue to work hard each day to provide for their families.

Contestants try to avoid activity so they can gain as much weight as possible.


Free-diving contests come in many forms, including:

Spearfishing is a popular form of free diving -- if you get acrobatic or participate in mime there are no extra points.


Vertical Blue participants descend down this:

Participants follow the rope down as far as they can go. There are no mine shafts or wells involved.


True or false? The World Sauna Championships guaranteed burns and suffocation.

It's true. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?


True or false? Pushing limits is a decidedly American activity that you don't see in other parts of the world.

It doesn't matter where you live on the planet, you'll find people pushing their limits.


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