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Fuel cells and hydrogen power offer many benefits, but there are dangers as well. Put on your protective gear and find out how much you know about hydrogen fuel's dangers (or lack thereof) in this quiz.

What triggered the Hindenburg blimp to explode?

When the blimp's outer skin contacted a static spark, the helium inside burst into flames, leading to the deaths of 36 people.


What really created the Hindenburg disaster?

Although hydrogen often gets the blame for the Hindenburg catastrophe, aluminum powder on the blimp's skin and a highly flammable covering are what really fueled the fire.


What happens when hydrogen leaks?

Hydrogen is so light that when it leaks, it ascends rapidly into the atmosphere and has less time to burn.


Which of the following requires the least amount of energy to ignite?

Hydrogen requires only one tenth as much energy to ignite as gasoline does. A spark of static electricity is enough to set it off.


What would happen if you were to breathe pure hydrogen?

Breathing hydrogen could cause you to asphyxiate simply because you're being deprived of oxygen.


How would you know if you were breathing hydrogen?

Since hydrogen is invisible, odorless and flavorless, you wouldn't know you were breathing it until it was too late.


Touching liquid hydrogen could lead to:

Because it's highly compressed, liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and could cause severe frostbite.


What two qualities of hydrogen make it no more dangerous than fuels we currently use?

Because of its rapid dispersal and tendency to rise, hydrogen fuels could pose even less of a threat than fuels currently in use.


How did most of the victims of the Hindenburg explosion die?

Thirty-five of the 36 Hindenburg deaths were the result of passengers jumping from the airship; everyone who stayed aboard survived.


Why weren't the people aboard the Hindenburg burned by the fire?

The hydrogen rose above the passengers and crewmembers, keeping the hydrogen fire burning above the mayhem happening below.


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