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Not all roads lead to Rome; some are actually so dangerous it might not matter where they lead. The world's most dangerous roads wind around mountains, run through frozen wastelands, and drop thousands of feet in elevation. Would you take the risk? Take our quiz to learn more about the five most dangerous roads on the planet.

Where does the Trans-Sahara Highway start?

The Trans-Sahara Highway begins in Algiers, Algeria on its way across the Sahara Desert.


In which Nigerian city does the Trans-Sahara end?

At the other end of the Trans-Sahara is the city of Lagos, Nigeria.


How long is the Trans-Sahara Highway?

In total the trip from Algiers to Lagos is 2,800 miles (4,500 kilometers). There are very few places to stop for supplies in this scorching desert, so come prepared.


Which of these natural phenomena often hides the Trans-Sahara Highway?

Sand drifts are a regular occurrence in the Sahara, and they often cover up sections of the highway.


In which country is the M56 Kolyma Federal Highway?

Kolyma Federal Highway runs east-west through one of the coldest areas in Russia.


How cold does it get near the Kolyma Highway in the winter?

Russian winters are some of the coldest on Earth, with temperature dropping to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit (-57C).


Which Russian leader ordered the construction of M56 Kolyma?

In the 1930s dictator Josef Stalin ordered prisoners from Kolyma Gulag to build a road across some of the coldest areas on the planet.


What happened to the prisoners who built M56 Kolyma?

The prisoners of Kolyma Gulag were overworked and starved to death while building the highway. Their remains can be found under the road.


Why is M56 Kolyma so difficult to cross in the summer months?

During the summer months the ice over M56 Kolyma melts and the road becomes a muddy nightmare. It's actually easier to cross the road when it's frozen solid.


Where does Halsema Highway begin?

Halsema Highway was designed to improve growth in the city of Baguio, Philippines, where it begins.


How long is Halsema Highway?

The trip from Baguio to Bontoc covers 93 miles (150 kilometers) of snaking road.


Halsema Highway snakes through which mountain range?

To get from Baguio to Bontoc you have to twist and turn through the Cordillera Central mountain range.


In which country will you find the world's most dangerous tunnel?

Guoliang Tunnel, in China, is recognized as the most dangerous tunnel you can ever drive through.


Guoliang Tunnel cuts through which Chinese mountain range?

To get through the Taihang Mountains, your choices are to cross the Guoliang Tunnel, or to walk -- be careful either way!


When was Guoliang opened to traffic?

Guoliang Tunnel, whose name means "road that does not tolerate mistakes," has been open to traffic since 1972.


How wide is Guoliang Tunnel?

One of the most difficult things about driving through the tunnel is that it is only 12 feet (3.6 meters) wide.


In which country is North Yungas Road?

In 1995, North Yungas Road, which runs from Coroico to La Paz, Bolivia was nicknamed the "Road of Death."


How long is North Yungas Road?

The combination of reckless drivers, limited mobility, and a 13,000-foot (3,962-meter) drop in elevation make North Yungas Road the most dangerous 40-mile (64-kilometer) stretch of road anywhere in the world.


What is the maximum elevation of Road of Death?

At one point North Yungas Road reaches an elevation of 14,000 feet. It drops to 1,000 feet before reaching La Paz.


The custom on North Yungas is to grant right of way to whom?

It's worth knowing that you are expected to give right of way to anyone traveling uphill on North Yungas Road.


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