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In the 18th century, the United States was a brand-new nation and most of its people lived on the upper East Coast. As Americans began exploring territorial boundaries, one explorer, in particular, gained legendary status. How much do you know about Daniel Boone?

Daniel Boone is one of America's best-known explorers. In which area did he have many of his adventures?

In the 1760s, the New World was still largely unexplored. Boone spent much of his time journeying around the area that is now Kentucky.


Boone was born long before the American Revolution...but became an American icon. What nationality was he?

Boone was an American. He was born in a Pennsylvania colony in 1734 and spent his whole life exploring the newly-formed country.


Daniel was born in colonial times, when medical care was relatively primitive. How many siblings did Boone have?

The Boone family was a big one. His parents had 11 children. Daniel was the sixth child to come along in the little log cabin.


Boone and his family lived in the area of Pennsylvania, near Native Americans. What was the colony's relationship with the Indians like?

The Quaker colony was very friendly towards the Indians, who returned their hospitality. Daniel grew up learning life skills, such as hunting, from some of the Native Americans.


Daniel was raised in what sort of family?

Boone's family was part of a very religious Quaker village. The children were expected to follow conservative rules and to obey the community's religious edicts.


The Boones grew up on what was then the frontier. What sort of education did Daniel receive?

What's school? Daniel learned his lessons in the school of hard knocks. His parents and his community (and Indians) taught him to hunt, fish and keep himself alive in an often uncivilized land.


As a child, Boone was noted for his bravery, even when a large animal attacked him. What sort of animal was it?

As the legend goes, a cougar lunged towards Boone but he calmly aimed and shot it with a rifle. The story became part of his very large reputation.


In 1750, Daniel's family moved to the area of North Carolina. How did the settlers there get along with the local Indians?

The natives in North Carolina were angry that white settlers were pushing into the area. There were frequent clashes, forcing the settlers to band together in militias.


In 1755, Boone was caught up in what fiasco?

The French (along with allied Indians) fought England for control of North America. Daniel became part of an English outfit and was nearly killed during a mission to capture a French fort.


Daniel's outfit was attacked by Indians as the men approached the French fort. What did Daniel do?

Boone was brave, but he was no fool. The soldiers were in a dire predicament. He jumped on a horse and escaped the debacle.


In 1756, Boone married a woman named Rebecca Bryan. How many children did they have?

Like his own parents, Boone set out to have a huge family. He and his wife had 10 babies. In spite of their sometimes perilous residence, only one child didn't make it to adulthood.


Boone was brave but illiterate.

Boone wasn't an uneducated brute. He had sufficient reading skills to navigate 18th-century society. Sometimes he even read stories to other men as they gathered around a campfire.


How did Boone make his living?

Daniel was a fantastic shot with a rifle and understood animal behavior. He hunted and trapped fur-bearing animals and made money selling those furs.


During the French and Indian War, white settlers (including the Boones) often faced hostility from which tribe?

The Cherokee Indians were allied with the French, and thus, were predisposed to attacking anyone friendly with the English. At one point, the conflict became so worrisome that Daniel moved his family back north to Virginia.


Daniel made a good living by trapping and trading furs.

Boone couldn't keep up with his expenses. Creditors were constantly harassing him for money, and he faced numerous court orders regarding non-payment.


In the 1770s, formerly peaceful Native Americans began attacking white settlers. Why?

In middle of the 1770s, the American Revolution began. The natives, fed up with white settlers, decided that the war served as a convenient distraction and saw an opportunity to kick colonists out of the wilderness for good.


Daniel's father left him land that he could have used to help feed his family and pay his bills. Why didn't Boone take up farming?

Boone was famously restless. He couldn't sit still long enough to deal with the rigors of farming and preferred to go roaming through the wilderness.


In 1779, Boone and several other men were captured by which group?

Boone and other men were trapping in Kentucky when they were captured by Shawnee Indians. The Indians took all of the furs and let them go -- provided that they agreed never to return.


Boon often wore a coonskin hat.

Popular portrayals always show Daniel wearing a coonskin hat (complete with striped tail), but he actually preferred a wide-brimmed beaver hat, all the better to shade his eyes from the sun.


In 1776, a terrifying event struck the Boone family. What happened?

Indians kidnapped Boone's daughter Jemima and two other girls. Daniel was horrified but rounded up several other men in an attempt to rescue the girls.


How did the kidnapping incident end?

Boone led the men and found the Indians resting around a campfire. They attacked and killed two of the Indians and saved the three girls.


At one point, Boone owned land in Kentucky. How did he lose that land?

Boone was terrible with money. He always borrowed too much and paid too little, and eventually, he lost his land to creditors.


In 1775, Boone and about 30 other men began working to clear a road to Kentucky. What was the road called?

Daniel and the men labored to cut trees and build a path of sorts across the mountains to Kentucky. It was called the Wilderness Road. For years, the primitive road was a magnet for Indians and criminals looking to stalk and rob vulnerable settlers.


How did the Indians respond when they found Boone and the men building a road through the wilderness?

A group of Shawnee Indians decided to attack the trailblazers, killing several of them. But Boone and the men eventually got the job done in spite of the dangers.


In the summer of 1773, Boone and a small group of whites headed to Kentucky to settle the lands. What happened to some of them?

The Indians refused to give way to the white settlers. They tortured and killed some of them.


How did the Kentucky settlers respond to the grotesque murders?

The killings did the job of scaring off the settlers, who headed for home. But the shock soon wore off and more whites headed back to the Kentucky area to attempt settlement again.


Boone moved to Missouri and was granted land by the Spanish government. How much land did he receive?

The Spanish gave him about 850 acres, which he then lost as France took control of the area …and then sold the land to the United States.


Boone lived a life filled with sometimes dangerous adventure. How long did he live?

Given the era and his life's hazards, he reached a rather incredible age of 85. He died at home in Missouri.


Where did Boone spend most of the last 20 years of his life?

The Boone family spent the end of Daniel's life in Defiance, Missouri, which is near modern-day St. Louis. The Daniel Boone Home is now a historic site that sees many visitors each year.


Settling on the frontier was dangerous, hard work. What element did Boone NOT recommend as critical for white settlers?

He didn't recommend a good shovel. Boone said that "A good gun, a good horse and a good wife" were the most important aspects of a frontierman's survival.


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