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Matt Murdock and his friends, Foggy and Karen, seem like they're barely able to keep their own lives together, but they still fight the good fight. Will you fight alongside them? Take this "Daredevil" TV show quiz to see if you've got what it takes.

What company does Karen work for when she first meets Matt and Foggy?

Karen is framed when she starts digging into financial crimes within Union Allied.


How does Matt know whether or not someone is lying?

His highly sensitive hearing lets him hear heartbeats.


What's the name of the nurse that rescues Matt and gives him medical care?

Her name is Claire Temple, though you might hear her referred to as the Night Nurse.


What did Matt's father do for a living?

Jack Murdock was a boxer who made money by intentionally losing fights so mobsters could bet against him.


What is the name of the reporter who helps Karen investigate Union Allied?

Veteran reporter Ben Urich takes on the case.


Who was the first person Wilson Fisk murdered?

He beat his own father to death for assaulting his mother.


What's the name of the place where Matt, Karen and Foggy do most of their drinking?

They drink and discuss their cases at Josie's Bar.


Who trains Matt Murdock to fight using his special senses?

While Matt lives in an orphanage, an elderly blind man named Stick trains him to fight.


Who kills Ben Urich?

Fisk murders Urich in Urich's apartment.


Where does Fisk meet Vanessa?

He meets her while looking at art in her gallery.


What Bible story does Fisk quote while in the police van?

He describes the story of the Good Samaritan and how he used to think he was the Samaritan, but he's really … the ill-intent. Sure, Wilson.


What is Melvin Potter's specialty?

Melvin makes armor, including bulletproof suits for Fisk and Daredevil's costume.


Where did Matt and Foggy attend law school?

They were roommates at Columbia.


What is the name of the area of New York City where Daredevil operates?

No one is entirely sure how that particular area of Manhattan came to be called Hell's Kitchen.


What item, once belonging to his father, does Wilson Fisk still wear many years later?

His father's cuff links have special significance to him.


Why does Owlsley try to assassinate Vanessa?

Owlsley wants the criminal plans to keep making him money, and he feels Vanessa is distracting Fisk.


Who kills Wesley?

Wesley kidnaps Karen and threatens her. She kills him in response.


What event turned Frank Castle into a violent vigilante?

Castle's entire family was gunned down in front of him in Central Park.


What is the name of the ninja clan that Daredevil comes into conflict with?

They are called the Hand, or Yami no te.


Who does Elektra try to convince Matt to kill while they're dating, even offering him up tied to a chair?

Matt refuses to kill the man, even though the man murdered his father.


Who does the Hand think Elektra is?

They think she is the Black Sky, a semidivine/demonic being destined to lead them.


Why isn't Daredevil killed when Frank Castle shoots him in the head?

Castle doesn’t view Daredevil as a criminal that needs to be killed, so he intentionally aims for the protective helmet.


How does the Punisher escape Rikers Island prison?

Kingpin helps Punisher go free so he can continue killing criminals, leaving New York's crime landscape wide open when Kingpin leaves prison.


What is the code name of the drug lord responsible for Frank Castle's family being killed?

Blacksmith is, in truth, Castle's former officer from his time in the Marines.


What inspired Castle to use the skull symbol on his vest?

Castle's X-ray is shown in the newspaper because the bullet wound he suffered was a part of his trial.


What weapon does Elektra use?

Elektra is known for using a pair of sai.


What happens to Elektra after she dies?

The Hand recovers her body, hoping to resurrect her as the Black Sky.


What is Matt's religious affiliation?

He frequently visits Catholic priest Father Lantom for advice and spiritual counsel.


Daredevil and Elektra's disagreements come to a head when she tries to kill whom?

Daredevil feels that if she kills Stick, she'll have gone over the edge, from good to evil.


What caused Matt's blindness?

A car crash caused chemicals from a truck to splash into Matt's eyes when he was a boy.


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