Go on a Date With a Disney Prince and We'll Guess Your Greatest Quality

Zoe Samuel

Image: Walt Disney Studios

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Dating is hard, and it doesn't get easier just because your date is a Disney prince. Indeed, some early Disney princes suffer from a serious lack of personality. Sure, they're charming, handsome and good dancers, and they show up to heroically save the day, but you get no sense from their movies of what it would be like to be with them day to day. Prince Eric likes playing music and avoiding vulgar statuary. Prince Phillip (from "Sleeping Beauty") and Prince Charming, though... do they like to Netflix and chill? Are they into biking, hiking or chess? How about the Beast, whose name we never even learn? Once he thankfully gets over his "shutting women in towers and throwing things" phase, who is he really? We're gonna guess he's into snuggling together and feeding the birds, but we can't be sure of more than that!

After all, despite how Tinder might make it look, dating isn't just about finding the hottest or richest person you can convince to sit through an evening with you, and then trying to bang them. It's actually about that human connection, the spark that makes you feel seen and appreciated, that makes you want to know them better. Later Disney princes, such as Naveen, Aladdin, Flynn/Eugene and Kristoff definitely have a lot more clarity in who they are (which is noteworthy since Naveen is broke and the other three all marry into royalty instead of inheriting it like the first group; perhaps Disney is suggesting that being born into money stunts a person's personal growth!), which surely helps. However, just as you're assessing them, you also want to put your best foot forward so they can see the true you. 

What does that best foot look like? Let's send you on that Disney date and find out about your greatest quality!

Which prince would you like to date just once (as opposed to potentially marrying)?

Which prince is marriage material?

What time of day will the date be?

How fancy a restaurant will you dine at?

Who will pay for the meal?

What will you do after you eat?

What will you drink?

What will you have to eat?

How much will you tip?

How will you get to the date?

What time will you wrap things up?

Who will ask who out?

What will you wear?

What will he wear?

Will you enjoy any alone time, away from the crowds?

Irrespective of who pays it, roughly what is the budget for the evening?

Who will you tell about the date?

How long will you spend getting ready?

What will the weather be like, hopefully?

What sort of music will there be?

You get there and discover the restaurant you planned to visit is unexpectedly closed. What's your backup plan?

Who plans the evening?

When do you decide if there will be a second date?

Which prince probably has the best dinner conversation?

Which prince has the most respect for affirmative consent?

Would you rather date one of the princes who married into their title (like Aladdin or Kristoff) or one who was born to it (like Eric or Phillip)?

Will his family approve?

If the date goes badly, what excuse will you use to leave early?

If the date goes swimmingly, will there be a kiss?

Which friend will you call first to tell them how it went?

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