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Daylight saving time (DST) isn't just here to mess with your sleep patterns — it serves an actual purpose. How much do you know about DST? Find out by taking this quiz.

What is the correct terminology for DST?

The plural "savings" mistake is so common that more people actually search for the wrong term than the right one.

Who wrote a brochure called "The Waste of Daylight" in support of DST?

Willett died just before his ideas about DST became reality.

Which country did away with DST in 2011?

Russia eliminated it to reduce stress and illness in the country.

How long did Russia follow DST until opting out in 2011?

After three decades the country decided to go old school.

During World War I, which country was the first to use DST as a measure to conserve resources?

Germany was trying to conserve coal specifically.

What year was the Uniform Time Act passed in the United States?

The 1966 act (mostly) ended the confusion of tracking time in the postwar era.

During World War I, which country was the first to follow Germany's lead in adopting DST?

Only a month after Germany did, Britain decided that DST might be an advantage for its wartime efforts, too.

Which American president decried DST as a "deception," explaining that people should simply get up and go to work earlier during summer months?

President Harding ordered employees in Washington to go to work at 8 a.m. instead of 9 a.m.

After World War II, how long did it take for the U.S. to repeal DST?

It only took three weeks. People were ready to be done with "war time."

Which U.S. state does not observe DST?

Arizona tried DST for one year in the 1960s but negative backlash nixed it permanently.

In 1965 St. Paul, Minnesota, was on Central Daylight Time while adjacent city Minneapolis, Minnesota, was still on Central Standard Time. How long did this time difference last?

St. Paul, Minnesota, switched to DST two weeks ahead of state law. Chaos reigned in offices and homes for those weird weeks.

George Hudson, who first conceived DST, was from which country?

Hudson was from New Zealand. He liked to collect bugs and needed more daylight to do so.

A 2009 study found that mine workers are how much more likely to experience accidents after the spring time change?

Mine workers are 6 percent more likely to have accidents. The fact that less sleep equals more accidents is no surprise.

What year did Indiana adopt DST?

The Hoosier State was very late to the party, joining in 2006.

Before the standardization of DST, states and localities could start and stop the practice whenever they wanted. At the low point of confusion, Iowa had how many different pairs of start/stop dates?

There were 23 pairs. The confusion would have been exasperating for people in the state.

Which Canadian province does NOT adhere to DST?

Saskatchewan is effectively on DST for the entire year.

Debilitating cluster headaches become more common in some people following which time change?

Reduced sleep and disruptions to the circadian rhythm are often blamed for the problem.

Driving is safer during daylight hours. Observing DST the entire year might reduce vehicle occupant fatalities by how much in the U.S.?

It might reduce vehicle occupant fatalities by 200 and spare the lives of 200 pedestrians.

Some people say the increased level of recreational activity during DST also spikes a usage of what?

This uptick in gasoline usage may offset any energy gains from using less residential electricity.

On the Monday following spring's DST change, people have more what?

People have more heart attacks. Some people speculate that less sleep negatively impacts our health, if only temporarily.

Which of these pairs of cities opted to keep DST even after Congress repealed it in 1919?

New York and Dallas continued to practice DST. Other localities opted to make their own choices regarding DST, causing widespread confusion.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended DST by how many weeks?

It extended DST by four weeks and was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Which hour does DST take effect in the U.S.?

The 2 a.m. time change can get confusing if you're a night owl and awake during the time change.

Why don't countries near the equator follow DST?

There's very little variation in their days no matter the time of year.

In North America what percentage of electricity goes to residential lighting?

Four percent of electricity goes to residential lighting. Implementing DST helps countries scale back on the power needed for homes, if only by a tiny bit.

The cost savings of reducing residential lighting is probably offset by increased usage of what?

People are awake during hotter hours, meaning they need more cooling from their air-conditioning units.

How many months each year does the United States operate under DST?

The U.S. is on DST for eight months each year, which makes standard time seem less than standard.

On which continent do most countries NOT use DST?

Most countries in Africa don't use DST, but several countries in North Africa do.

In addition to Arizona, which other U.S. state does NOT follow DST?

Hawaii and the U.S. territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands) do not use DST.

Which group lobbied against DST in 1918?

It's a common myth that farmers are in favor of DST.

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