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Humankind expends huge amounts of time and energy into devising products made to hurt other people. How much do you know about the deadliest weapons on Earth?

How many rounds per minute can the FN F2000 assault rifle fire?

It's also equipped with a grenade launcher for extra firepower.


What is Zyklon B?

The poisonous gas was used to exterminate more than a million people at concentration camps in WWII.


Germ warfare attacks by Japan on China may have killed how many people during WWII?

The Japanese used numerous techniques to spread plague and anthrax (and other agents) among the Chinese people.


Which U.S. tank might be the most lethal in the world?

Hardly any M-1 tanks have been destroyed in combat, but they've inflicted huge damage, particularly in the Middle East.


How did Mongols use biological warfare in the 1300's?

Diseases tend to kill far more soldiers than actual combat, particularly in places with poor sanitation or pathogen-friendly weather.


Which army was the first to deploy weapons of mass destruction?

The Germans used both biological and chemical weapons in WWI but didn't achieve much success.


In 1995, a religious cult in what city hurt 5,000 people with a chemical agent called sarin?

12 people died in the subway system and thousands more were hurt.


Which ultra-deadly gun is often called "Ma Deuce?"

It was first made in the WWII era and is still feared for its range and power.


WWII-era Browning .50-caliber guns could fire at what rate?

The bullets were large enough to disable armored vehicles; the firepower terrified anyone caught on the wrong end of this weapon.


In the Battle of the Shangani, a British force used which weapon to repulse 5,000 enemies while losing only four of their own?

The 1893 battle was one of the first to feature these rapid-fire guns, which devastated the attackers.


How many people were killed by chemical weapons in WWI?

Mustard gas and other chemical agents killed nearly 100,000 and injured hundreds of thousands more.


Which U.S. nuclear bomb is the most powerful?

It first entered service in 1983 and has 75 times the yield of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


The B83 was the first U.S. nuclear bomb to include which feature?

You can only imagine the results if one of these things blew up on accident.


How many fixed-wing aircraft can a single Nimitz-class aircraft carrier store for a mission?

The enormous firepower of a single carrier can alter the shape of almost any conflict in the world.


What country created the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated?

It was called the Tsar Bomba, one of the scariest weapons ever devised.


How much did the Tsar Bomba weigh?

Only one was made and tested; it destroyed every building in a village 34 miles from ground zero.


In megatons of TNT, what was the approximate yield of Tsar Bomba?

The B41 bomb made by the U.S., one of the country's largest ever, only had a yield of about 25 megatons.


About how many AK-47 rifles are in circulation around the world?

Its sheer numbers mean this rifle has probably been used to kill millions of people in the past seven decades.


What the AK-47 lacks in range and accuracy it makes up for with what?

The AK-47 is renowned for being easy to use and hard to break.


How many rounds per minute can the FN MAG machine gun fire?

This fixture of NATO forces also has a nifty quick-change system for the barrel to keep it from overheating.


What's the payload capacity of the MQ-9 Reaper?

It doesn't carry a lot of weapons but this long-range drone can kill many people without risk to a single pilot.


The MG 08 machine gun was deployed by which army in WWI?

It was so effective that 50 years later it was still used in combat.


What sort of weapon was the Boeing YAL-1?

The terrifying concept actually worked but required so much power that the program was cancelled in 2011.


The AH-64 helicopter is also known as what?

Its heavy armor and enormous firepower make it one of the deadliest helicopters in the world.


How fast can Tomahawk missiles fly?

Their quickness and low altitude make these automated cruise missiles capable of striking almost any target.


How much do Tomahawk missiles cost?

It's a steep price for a single missile, but they can stand in for manned attack aircraft.


How many nuclear weapons has the United States lost by accident?

Mostly through submarine accidents, yet it shows how our deadliest weapons aren't always accounted for.


Which still-unfinished weapon is named after Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder?

It's an unmanned warplane capable of carrying out intercontinental missions; the first test flights happened in 2013.


How many thermonuclear warheads can a single Trident II missile carry?

Each warhead can be targeted independently in order to ensure widespread destruction; nuclear agreements restrict the number of warheads to fewer than 14.


What kind of weapon was the XM307?

Although canceled in 2007, this gun could spit out more than 200 grenades at targets more than 2,000 meters away.


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