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Ever wonder what it would be like to live a debt-free life? More and more Americans are attempting to succeed at this challenge. There are many useful tips that can help you achieve your own debt-free goals.

What debts are considered “good” debts?

Not all debts are bad for your economic future. Consider the benefits of investing in a home mortgage, getting a higher education or taking out a student loan.


What is the average repayment time for an American student loan?

The average time period for repaying an American student loan is approximately 11 years. This means that most Americans are still paying off their student loans well into their 30s.


What is the average debt of an American college grad student?

The average American college debt is nothing to laugh at. Consider that some American college grad students have debt well above the mean of $20,000.


How much can you save buy bringing your lunch to work every day?

If you spend a minimum of seven dollars every time you buy lunch, you can save $200 per month in lunch expenses. Try also storing snacks in your office to avoid frivolous spending on munchies.


Which credit debts should you pay off first?

Some people recommend paying off large debts first, since these debts carry the highest interest payments. Others recommended paying off smaller debts first. Successfully paying off smaller debts first may increase your motivation for continued debt repayment.


What type of grocery saving strategy is best?

Everyone has their unique shopping style. Some people prefer using coupons. Others prefer shopping frequently, capitalizing on in-store sales.


What is a good strategy for saving money?

Before you pay off any other bills, transfer some money into a savings account at the beginning of each pay period.


What is a downside of using a debit card?

If you want to live within your means, try using cash as much as possible. Most people have replaced cash with a debit card, but debit cards have certain drawbacks, such as identify theft and self-control issues when shopping.


Many more Americans are trying to reduce their consumerism. How can you begin to live a simpler life?

Many Americans have stockpiles of items in storage. Try using up these items first before buying new items. This will help reduce your material possessions.


A budget should:

A successful budget is well-planned out, taking into consideration all expenses, including extras and the unexpected. If you plan wisely, your budget should be set in stone.


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