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Building a deck is fairly easy, assuming you don't have two left thumbs. There are many ways of doing it yourself, but before you get started, take this quiz to learn more about building a deck.

What phenomenon has made homemade deck building easier than ever before?

Do-it-yourself projects have become more affordable and efficient than ever before, so more plans and materials have become increasingly available.


What legalities do you need to look into before building a deck?

You need to check out the building codes in your city and find out what is legally permitted.


What additional things should you consider before you begin to build a deck?

You should take into consideration your time and experience constraints.


What must you obtain before building?

You must obtain the required municipal permits allowing you to extend the bounds of your home structure.


If you're building on your own property, why do you need a permit?

It's for your own safety. If people were entitled to build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, building structures could become unsafe. So any kind of extending (as well as some kinds of internal building) require a permit.


Where can you get help to plan your deck?

The best way is to do research online. There are loads of great sites that can help you plan and they'll even display a visual image for you.


A thorough building plan will contain floor plans, elevation measurements, dimensions, materials and tools needed for the project. What is such a plan called?

It's called a blueprint and it should contain all and any information relevant to your project.


What is the best kind of material to use for your deck?

It's best to use pressure-treated lumber, although cedar is also a popular choice.


What will you use joists for?

You'll use joists (or horizontal beams) for framing.


Which of these tools do you need for deck building?

You need, among other things, a drill, a saw and a level.


What small items bear the weight and size of your deck?

The small items are nails and screws! But you must use the right ones for the job. So, 16d nails and galvanized deck screws are both ideal ones to bear the weight and size of a deck.


Why is it inadvisable to use wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) for your deck?

According to the EPA, it is a pesticide and is thus harmful to your health.


When you pour the deck pad, you must ensure that it is:

The deck pad, which serves as the very foundation of your deck, must be level.


Before you begin, why should you install flashing along your home?

Flashing is used as moisture prevention. It is essentially a water barrier.


According to some building regulations, what do you need on each joist?

Some regulations mandate that you put a joist hanger on each joist.


What can you use to stabilize the deck's handrails?

You can use balusters to form a balustrade, supporting the handrails.


If you have excessive water on your wooden deck, what could happen?

Excessive water means it could do some damage. It might seep into the wood and destabilize the entire structure.


Can a well-made deck hold any weight?

No, even a well-made one doesn't necessarily hold any weight. That is why it is important to be aware of the load that your deck can bear, so as to prevent deck collapse.


How important is regular maintenance for your deck?

It is very important to regularly maintain your deck. Doing so will make all the difference to how long it lasts and how safe it remains.


Why should you use gloves when building a deck?

Gloves are important for keeping your hands safe. If you're lugging wooden beams, sawing lumber or nailing in nails, gloves prevent you from getting splinter wounds or cuts.


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