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You may be quite a bright spark, but still don't have a clue how to install electrical lighting. Not only that, but there are different lighting options, depending on what effect you want to achieve, what you want to highlight and what you don't want to show. Shed some light on the subject by taking this quiz.

How does the lighting in your home compare with the furnishings in contributing to the décor?

Equal weight should be given to lighting and furnishings when it comes to your overall décor.


Which of these are examples of ambient light?

Track lighting is one example of ambient lighting. Other examples include chandeliers and wall-mounted fixtures.


In your main living areas, which lighting is recommended?

For your main living areas, all three types of lighting are suitable: accent, ambient and task.


What is the purpose of ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting is designed to give overall illumination and allow you to move freely about.


How bright should task lighting ideally be?

Task lighting, which you'd need for sewing, reading, etc., should ideally be bright enough that you can see without straining.


Accent lighting should be how many times brighter than the room lighting?

Accent lighting is most effective if it is three times brighter than the lighting around.


When deciding which lighting to install in each room, what must you take into account?

Take into account the room's function. For example, a reading room will need lighting next to the sofas.


Where are the keys places in the kitchen that would need lighting?

The kitchen is where you spend a lot of time at work: preparing food, cooking, washing dishes, etc. You should have good lighting over those areas.


In what ways can lighting be used for disguising purposes?

It can do marvels by making the room appear bigger than it really is or hiding cracks, depending on the direction and spread of the light source.


What is one advantage of fluorescent lighting over incandescent lighting?

Fluorescent lighting save tons of electricity -- and lowers your bill, too.


Why might people install timers on their outdoor lights?

Timers keep the energy usage to a minimum, because the lights go on and off automatically.


Can you install an electrical light by the do-it-yourself method?

Unless you or someone you know can install lighting safely, it's best to have an electrician do the job.


You want to purchase lights for your home. Where would you browse for lighting options?

Start with hardware stores or specialty lighting stores. You can also browse online.


What special lighting needs are there in a library?

Whether it's your home library or a public library, you need recessed lighting right over the shelves so that you can find the books you seek.


Of what benefit are portable lamps?

Portable lamps are one of the types of task lights that you'd need in your home. They're very useful, because you can move them to your task area.


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