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Do you want to redecorate your home, but simply don't have the time or money? Redecoration does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Consider small redecorating options that have a big impact, such as unique painting techniques or updated lighting. Take this quiz and learn about redecorating options that are simple to do and easy on the wallet.

What is a quick and easy way to update the look of a room?

Consider replacing the light switches in a room for a more updated and modern look. How about changing those plastic light switch plates for chrome or brass ones?


What kind of painting can create a new look to a room's decor?

Consider purchasing a reproduction of a famous painting or photograph to spruce up the decor in a room.


How can you make a room more vibrant?

An accent wall involves painting one wall of a room a bold and vibrant color. It is a great way to make a room more vibrant.


Which wall in a room should you choose for painting a bold and vibrant color?

When choosing a wall as an accent wall, determine which wall is the focal point of the room. Painting this wall in a bold and bright color will accentuate the focus of the room.


What color should you choose to paint your accent wall?

An accent wall will stand out in your room, so choose your paint color wisely. It is best to pick a complementary color to the already existent dominant color of the room.


How do you create bold bands of different color paint on your wall?

Unsure of which color to use for your accent wall? How about creating bold bands of different color paint by simply using painter's tape and a level for clean, straight, and even lines.


What is a simple way to create a new look in your bathroom?

Cabinet knobs are relatively inexpensive and simple to replace. This simple update can really give your bathroom a new and modern look.


What tools do you need to replace your cabinet knobs?

Typically, only a regular, manual screwdriver is needed to replace your bathroom knobs. It's really that simple and easy!


What should you do before you purchase new bathroom cabinet knobs?

Make sure to buy new bathroom knobs that have the same distance between screws as the old knobs. This will save on time and frustration when installing the new bathroom knobs.


What type of lighting can you use in your dining room to create a new look?

Replace your old white light bulbs for amber-tinted light bulbs to create a soft and inviting look in your dinning room.


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