Decorate Your Dorm Room and We'll Guess How You'll Meet Your College Boyfriend

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For some people, decorating a dorm room can be very stressful, and choosing items like throw pillows and comforter sets can be a real headache. In addition to that, having to live with and get along with a complete stranger in a small space can cause some serious anxiety. For others, they can't wait to have the freedom to personalize their own space, and they have been planning the event since they received their acceptance letter.

Did you ever think that the simple action of designing your space would tell you where you are going to meet your future boyfriend? Will you be meeting him while dancing up a storm at a frat party? Will you be staring at him while attempting to study in the library? Will you meet him while getting your favorite caffeinated drink at the coffee shop? Or will you be flirting with him while sitting next to him in class?

To find out where, you first need to design your dream dorm room, choosing everything from colorful wall posters and pictures to lighting fixtures, to printed coffee mugs and potted plants. When you're done we'll tell you where you'll find your college boyfriend, that is if you want him.

Where would you like your school campus to be?

How would you describe your everyday style?

Where will you getting most of your furniture from?

What is the decorating budget for the room?

Do you prefer to be on your own or have a roommate?

Do you prefer to have a bunk bed or a regular twin bed?

Which of these Disney characters would you want as a roommate?

What color will you be painting your walls?

What kind of posters are you planning to put up?

What else will you be hanging/sticking on your walls?

Which of these patterns will be on your bed spread?

How many pillows are you going to have on your bed?

Which of these types of light will you decorating with?

What kind of rug will you be getting?

Which of these items will you be spending most of your money on?

What will you be storing your things in?

Which of these appliances needs to be in your room?

Which of these supplies will you be putting on your desk?

What will your coffee/tea mug say?

What kind of alarm clock will you be putting next to you?

What kind of books will you be putting on your book shelf?

Which of these plants will you place on your desk?

Which of these shows inspired your dorm room design?

Apart from sleeping, what will you be using the room for?

How much time will you be spending there?

What kind of footwear will you be wearing in your room?

What is the first thing that you pack when going off to college?

Which of these treats will you be stashing in your room?

Who will you be asking for help in decorating your room?

When you completed, you would want if to feel…

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