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Considering redecorating? Can't decide whether to go for Colonial or French Provincial? Or whether or not to create your own unique style? Take our quiz and familiarize yourself with the different decorating styles out there. Happy decorating!

What would typically be found in a traditionally decorated lounge room?

Gilt framed mirrors, highly polished wooden floors, floor to ceiling bookshelves, skirted tables, standing and table lamps, crown moldings and patterned upholstery are the kind of features and accessories you would find in a traditionally decorated lounge.


What wood would most likely be used in a traditional style kitchen?

A traditional style kitchen would most likely feature mahogany or cherry wood cabinets designed to look like pieces of furniture.


What atmosphere does country style décor create?

Country style décor, no matter whether it is American, English or French provincial, exudes a comfortable, cozy, warm and relaxed spirit.


What accessory best represents Apple Pie American décor?

A handmade patchwork quilt, along with accessories like baskets and chunky cream ware, create an Apple Pie American looking home.


In a French provincial home, what is the most important piece of furniture?

A delicately carved, curved armoire is the most important piece of furniture in a French provincial home. Today, it can be used for your TV or computer.


What word best describes contemporary style décor?

Contemporary style décor is minimalist. It features clean lines, uncluttered spaces, a minimal amount of furnishings in uniform shapes and lots of natural light.


In which style living room would you find a Lucite lamp on an antique desk?

An eclectic style mixes all styles and periods, for example, placing a Lucite lamp on an antique table. It can work as long as you consider the principles of form, scale, composition and proportion.


Retro style decorating combines all the different styles of which century?

Retro style decorating incorporates all the decades of the 20th century, be it the art deco of the 30s or the psychedelic fluorescents of the 60s.


Which kind of material would you find on the floor of a retro style kitchen?

A square patterned vinyl or linoleum kitchen floor, in white and bold colors like red, black or turquoise, would most likely be found in retro style kitchen.


Bamboo, porcelain, silk and bronze accessories and décor are inspired by which country?

Bamboo, porcelain, silk and bronze are all originally from Asia and create an Eastern style ambience.


A bed with velvet pillows is reminiscent of which country's décor?

Velvet pillows, a low Balinese bed and a brocade duvet create a Moroccan style bedroom.


Which color does the Scandinavian style feature?

Scandinavian style features light blue, clean lines and pale colored wood.


How does an Arts and Craft style room keep everything neat?

The popular Arts and Crafts style, which features natural wood and stone, emphasizes ample storage and assigns everything an appropriate place.


What kind of ceilings feature in a Southwestern style home?

A Southwestern style home features heavy wooden ceilings, white walls and pillars and is accented by chocolate brown and black iron accessories, to give it that Spanish-inspired look.


How is a feeling of spaciousness created in a room?

By having uniform color, understated surface treatments and décor that is light and shiny, like glass and chrome, a feeling of spaciousness is created.


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