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Put on your thinking cap, and think back to all those vocabulary classes you had in school. During this quiz, you're going to need all the knowledge of 4-letter words you have gained over the years. In fact, you might even blurt out a few 4-letter words of your own trying to figure out the meaning of some of the 4-letter words we ask you about! 

This quiz is designed to challenge your brain and to see where you stand in the 4-letter word department. You might think of yourself as a true word champion, but you'll have to see how many of our 4-letter words you know before you can give yourself that crown. Of course, we are just japing you. You are going to have a great time proving that you know what you are talking about when your friends try to tell you that you don't know what something means. 

Read our questions very carefully; then, decide which definition of our 4-letter words is correct. You have our complete faith, and we know you'll enjoy finding out just how many of them you know. After this quiz, you'll be a walking 4-letter word dictionary. Mark our word! 

If your friend is being daft, what are they being?

If your best friend is making a bad decision, they are being foolish and daft. Try not to be so hard on them. Everyone has an occasional daft moment!


Most performers put a lot of brio into their acts. What does brio mean?

When performers hit the stage, they bring a lot of enthusiasm and brio to their acts. If performers did not present themselves with brio, shows would be very boring.


Billy approached his project with keen intellect. What does keen mean?

When someone has a keen intellect, they are sharp and discerning. Being keen on a subject means that you have a highly developed interest.


The judge's decision was swift and just. What does just mean?

Just decisions are decisions that have been carefully examined and then made with the fairest outcome in mind. Although just can also mean exact, in this instance it means impartial and unbiased.


You always present yourself with dignity and tact. How do you present yourself?

When you present yourself with tact, you do not storm into a room, make a scene and make others feel bad. Instead, you behave with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.


Van Gogh is famous for painting a veld of wheat. What is a veld?

During his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh painted many varied paintings. However, the painting of his velds, or fields, are some of the most famous.


Many people consider Halloween a holy day. What kind of day is it?

There are many holidays that folks consider sacred, but some consider Halloween to be the holiest. They go to great lengths to celebrate and never the night that only comes once a year.


Every office has at least one idle employee. What does idle mean?

In most offices, everyone does their job with efficiency. However, everyone knows a coworker who is prone to idle moments. They can be found being lazy in the break room or surfing the internet.


Cars have more than one axle. What is an axle?

An axle is defined as a spindle that sits between two wheels. Without both front and rear axles, your vehicle would be stationary.


Professional chefs keep a froe in the kitchen. What is a froe?

Professional chefs use a a lot of specialized equipment. One of them is called a froe. A froe is defined as being a cleaver with a handle attached.


When I am at work, my cats run amok. How do my cats run?

Although the cats try to leave little evidence, the toilet paper all over the bathroom is a sure sign they have been running amok. With no one around to control them, they are free to behave as disruptively as they like.


A nun cannot wear a habit without a coif. What is a coif?

Known as a skullcap that goes underneath other garments, the coif helps to keep hair in place. Coifs are traditionally worn by nuns and beneath armor.


Woodworkers use an adze to shape pieces. What do they use?

Before woodworkers can work with smaller pieces, they often use an ax-like tool called an adze to shape and cut larger pieces. Although there are more modern tools than the adze, many traditional artists still prefer it.


Homes sit on a plat. What is a plat?

While some home sit on small plots of land, others rest upon massive plats. Plat means a plot of land easily defined on a map.


Despite her age, Betty White is really spry. What does spry mean?

Despite her age, Betty White remains one of the most active and spry actresses in the industry. She is still full of vibrancy, and she's quite spirited.


When debating, you are allowed a few minutes on the dais. What is the meaning of dais?

If you were to watch governmental officials in actions, you would see them taking turns at the doff. A doff is a platform which allow a person to express their views.


Pirates always seem to have a lot of pelf. What does pelf mean?

Pirates were notorious for having money, or pelf, that they earned through less than savory means. Pelf is an Old French word that means money acquired through dishonest means.


Lawyers always aver their client's point of view. What does aver mean?

When an attorney argues a client's case, the attorney is asserting the client's guilt or innocence by presenting the case. The opposing attorney avers the other side of the story.


Rotting potatoes have a vile aroma. How do they smell?

If you have never had the pleasure of smelling a rotting potato, consider yourself lucky. They have a vile, unpleasant and gut-wrenching aroma that no words could fully describe.


The rasp of nails on a chalkboard is too much to bear. What does rasp mean?

The grating and unpleasant sound of nails on a chalkboard is something many people cannot stand. It is one of the most feared rasps in the classroom.


It is a crime to abet someone in a bank robbery. What does abet mean?

We are sure you would never abet someone in a bank robbery. If you did, you would be encouraging or assisting them to break the law.


The student seemed to be rapt with the professor's words. How was the student?

While most lectures are not something that many find particularly engaging, a great professor can keep a student's attention. Students are often rapt with the presentation of dynamic presenters.


Raj was upset when he scuffed the vamp of his shoe. What did he scuff?

In this instance, Raj has scuffed the vamp, or upper front part of his shoe. Vamp can also be used as a verb. For instance, Raj scuffed his shoe while he was vamping up his dance moves.


Many people prefer faux fur to real fur. What kind of fur do they prefer?

It's very rare to see someone wearing a real fur jacket these days. Instead, many people prefer faux fur. It looks very realistic, but it is made from non-animal materials that imitate the real thing.


Some regions are too arid to support life. What does arid mean?

Many desert regions are too arid and barren to support vegetation. They are truly dry and hot places that do not support a lot of plant growth.


If you are at the acme of your career, where are you?

Judging by your performance during this quiz, you are at the acme of your word game. You sit at the pinnacle of knowledge while answering our questions.


There always seems to be a glut of snack food in my cupboards. What is a glut?

If you were to open my cupboards, you would find my abundant glut of snack foods. If there were a dearth of snack foods, my cupboards would be bare.


An executive order is a fiat. What is a fiat?

When an executive order is issued, it is a formal decree that bypasses the usual route. You can try to issue a fiat to your boss so that you get a promotion, but we wouldn't advise it.


Your behavior is akin to royal behavior. What does akin mean?

If your behavior is akin to royal behavior, you are behaving with similar grace and dignity. Although it is also perfectly fine to exhibit behavior akin to a rock star at any company party.


You will not find an ogre living under a bridge. What is an ogre?

There's no need to be afraid when you decide to hike under a bridge. There are no man-eating ogres living there. In case you have heard, trolls live under bridges.


It is your onus to prove yourself during a job interview. What does onus mean?

During a job interview, it is your responsibility and your onus to prove that you are the one for the job. You must take responsibility for the situation, and show them what you are made of!


Fireworks leave a wisp of smoke in the air. What is a wisp?

After seeing the beautiful explosion of colors fireworks have to offer, you can see the small strand of smoke left behind. A wisp is thin layer of something.


Ambulance chasers are known to gawk. What does gawk mean?

When you gawk at something, you stare at it. You may find yourself gawking at a coworker without even knowing it. Now that you're aware, you might want to stop.


The person who gets the bulk of the wishbone gets to wish. What does bulk mean?

Every battle over the wishbone ends with a wish, but only the person who gets the bulk of the wishbone gets to make the wish. In this instance, bulk means the greater part of something.


We plan to jape our boss around the holidays. What does jape mean?

If you were to jape your boss, you would be pulling a prank on them. The holidays are always a good time for a few practical jokes.


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