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This secretive (yet celebrated) special forces team conducts some of the riskiest and most dangerous missions you can imagine. How much do you know about Delta Force?

How did Charles Beckwith get the idea for Delta Force?

He witnessed the training and expertise of British special forces and realized that the United States needed those capabilities.


The concept behind Delta Force took root because of what events?

The U.S. realized it was bereft of some of the special operations capabilities of the British Special Air Service … so it set out to create Delta Force.


What was Charles Beckwith's nickname?

He rejected a contract to play NFL football because he preferred to serve in the military.


In what year was Delta Force formed?

And its first commander? Chargin' Charlie


Delta Force is abbreviated as what?

It stands for 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta … which why everyone just says Delta Force.


In order to start the Delta Force training process you must have a pay grade of at least what?

That means you'd be either a Specialist or a Corporal in the Army, or a Corporal in the Marines.


What is the name of the Navy's version of Delta Force?

They are renowned for killing Osama bin Laden, who helped orchestrate the 9/11 attacks.


Delta Force falls under the control of which organization?

"JSOC" also oversees SEAL Team Six, and as such, is responsible for many critical and sensitive missions.


What term is sometimes used as a nickname for Delta Force?

Understated, for effect


Delta Team members are often called simply what?

Again, the ominous understatement; these "operators" won't connect a phone call for you … but they might disable your country's Internet access and capture your president.


What was Operation Red Dawn?

Yes, it was named after the 1984 Patrick Swayze movie.


Upon its initial formation, what was Delta Force's primary purpose?

Hostage taking and airplane hijackings were a fad in the 1970s … fads that the Delta Force helped fight against.


What's the minimum age to apply for the Delta Force program?

Media reports, however, show that many operators are in their 30s and more experienced.


Where did the Delta Team's first mission take them?

They were providing security for the 1979 Pan-American Games.


What was Operation Eagle Claw?

One of Delta Force's first missions was to save hostages in Iran; the mission failed and the event drew widespread negative publicity.


Some news reports indicate that Delta Force sometimes conducts live-fire training exercises where?

One infamous event terrified the residents of Kingville, Texas, as soldiers fired real bullets and conducted a training raid on abandoned buildings.


From which unit do most Delta Force operators emerge?

They are known as simply "Rangers," and they are trained in special operations and light infantry.


What's the nickname for Delta Force's training facility?

The soldiers train ceaselessly to maintain their mental and physical edge.


What was the name of one of the first operations to capture Osama bin Laden?

But bin Laden slipped away and wasn't found again for years.


To produce a weapon that best fit their needs, Delta Force supposedly collaborated with which gun maker?

The group probably relies heavily on the HK415, which uses the AR 15 platform.


What is the reported average IQ of a Delta operator?

They are selected as much for their intelligence as their physical capabilities.


How did Delta Force team member Joshua Wheeler die?

In late 2015, Delta Force helped to rescue 70 hostages from terrorist group ISIS; Wheeler lost his life during the raid.


What are Kill Houses?

The houses may have customized layouts and rubber walls to absorb the real bullets fired during exercises.


About how many Delta Force members are trained and ready to perform direct military actions in the field?

The exact number isn't public information but these soldiers are the best of the best.


At the beginning of the Iraq war, Delta Force was credited with doing what?

Their efforts minimized the missile threat and helped keep Israel out of the conflict.


Which Hollywood celebrity starred in a movie called "The Delta Force" which brought the group some pop culture fame?

The 1986 film came along just a few years after the supposedly secret force became active.


In order to qualify for Delta Force training, you must have at least how much time left in your enlistment?

The organization wants to maximize the time it can use your services.


"Black Hawk Down" is a book (and later, a movie) about a Delta Force mission in which country?

Five soldiers lost their lives as a brief operation careened out of control and into the Battle of Mogadishu.


What was the name of the operation that led the team to Mogadishu in the first place?

The unit was sent there to capture a warlord named Mohammed Farrah Aidid; they accomplished the mission but 19 soldiers (total) died.


During the "tradecraft" portion of Delta Force training, what do operators learn?

At one point, CIA personnel were used to train operators in all manner of spying and counterintelligence.


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