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Many of us wear deodorant every day without giving a thought to how it works. What is it actually doing to your underarms to stop the smell? And when should you apply it during the day? The answers might surprise you.

The first commercial deodorant, Fresh, was introduced in the late 19th century.

Nope, it hit the market in the late 19th century and was called Mum.


Body odor wasn't really a concern for people in the United States until the deodorant industry started a big marketing push in the 1920s.

It wasn't until the late 1950s that Americans -- thanks to the deodorant industry -- became concerned about body odor.


Deodorant as we know it was patented in 1957.

Jules Montenier patented the modern deodorant formula in 1941.


The first successful deodorant was called "Fleur de Lis," and it was a sponsor of the TV show "What's My Line."

"What's My Line" is the correct show, but the deodorant was called "Stopette."


Deodorant fights axillary body odor -- aka underarm odor.

Axillary is correct -- the medical term for the underarm is axilla.


Deodorant combats the bacteria in your underarms that reacts with sweat to produce body odor.

Deodorant doesn't stop you from sweating -- that's an antiperspirant's job. Deodorant stops the smell, which is caused by the combo of sweat and bacteria.


Deodorant halts odors by making your underarm skin too acidic or salty for bacteria.

The anti-bacteria environment is too acidic or salty.


Stick deodorants make your underarms too salty; crystal deodorant makes your skin acidic.

It's stick/acidic, crystal/salty.


The whole "pH-balanced for a woman" thing is just a marketing ploy.

Men and women's underarms actually do have different pH levels, but it is possible to buy gender-neutral deodorants.


If you apply deodorant once a day, it's better to do it in the morning than at night.

Night is better, according to the experts.


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