Quiz: Is it Safe to Deposit Money Through an ATM?

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About This Quiz

How safe is it to deposit cash and checks at an ATM? Take this quiz to check what you need to know before depositing your money in an ATM.

When depositing money through an ATM, what should you write on the envelope?

What does a bank employee do after removing your deposit envelope from the ATM?

How do banks prevent customers from fraudulently claiming they deposited more than they actually did at an ATM?

What do experts recommend as a best practice when it comes to ATM deposits?

What technological advancement is cutting down on the problems of depositing checks at ATMs?

What is a problem with ATMs that scan checks upon deposit?

What added security measure should you take advantage of when depositing checks at an ATM that scans?

How do financial planners recommend you prevent problems with bank deposits?

What is "skimming?"

What new service does USAA bank offer to its customers?

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