Describe an Ideal Snow Day and We’ll Tell You What State You Should Live In

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Here's a fun quiz for you: you'll have 30 questions to tell us about what you would do on a snow day, and we'll match you to one of four U.S. states that you should live in! Even if you've never experienced a snow day, try to imagine what you would do. Would you play outside or stay indoors? What are your driving skills like in snowy weather? And are you brave enough to go for a run outside? Based on how you answer these types of questions, we'll match you to a U.S. state that matches your personality. Ready? Take this quiz now for a snow day of fun.

Snow days may occur during winter seasons in various U.S. states. Some schools, as well as certain businesses, may be closed due to extreme weather conditions. A snow day typically involves lots of snow, as well as dangerous driving conditions and freezing temperatures. But for some people, snow days are a day of fun activities and catching up on some housework. Some people love to build snow forts, while others prefer to bake some yummy treats. It's time to tell us what you would do on a snow day with this quiz!

What time would you wake up on a snow day?

Do you plan on shoveling any snow?

Does playing in the snow sound like fun?

Which of these comfort foods sounds amazing on a snow day?

Would you rather cook or eat out on a snow day?

Do you plan on doing any house cleaning on a snow day?

How do you normally find out about snow days?

What genre of movie are you going to watch on a snow day?

Which of these indoor activities sounds like fun on a snow day?

How are you going to keep warm on a snow day?

Let's say your boss wants you to come in to work on a snow day. What would you say to them?

Is a snow day a time to experiment with new makeup?

Are you going to take a shower on a snow day?

How often do you experience a snow day per year?

Your friend wants to go shopping with you on a snow day. How would you react?

Is it worth it to live in a cold climate for snow days?

Which of these would you make outside on a snow day?

Do you feel comfortable driving on a snow day?

Where would you exercise on a snow day?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how happy are you about snow days?

When you think of a snow day, which of these colors comes to mind?

Do you think that all businesses should be closed on a snow day?

What does a snow day mean to you?

Which of these hot drinks would you like to sip on?

Which of these boots would you wear outside on a snow day?

When you look out the window on a snow day, what do you see?

You decide to have a DIY spa day on a snow day. Which of these treatment options will you partake in?

Your friends are coming over to play some board games! Which of these will you play first?

It's time to bake one of these treats on a snow day. Which one would you choose?

Cuddle time on a snow day calls for which of these stuffed animals?

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