Describe Your Perfect Adventure and We'll Tell You Which Motorcycle You Are!

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

The roar of the open road! The beauty of nature! The thrill of a job well done. Whatever you love most for your free time, we've got a bike that fits your needs.

Do you love new places?

Who's coming with you?

Do you break all the speed limits?

How do you commute?

Who are your friends?

Do you love danger?

How do you feel about nature?

Are you steady on your feet?

Is it important to you to look cool?

Do you rock a vintage style?

What's your position on safety?

Can you catch your own dinner?

Can you make new friends easily?

What do you wear biking?

Do you secretly wish you'd been a Hell's Angel?

Are you easily intimidated?

What's your position on driving after a drink?

Tarmac or trails?

How fast is too fast?

Do you want to work on your bike yourself?

Do you want to sleep under the stars?

What's your adventure budget?

What's your signature adventurer drink?

Do you want people to be able to reach you while you're adventuring?

How long of an adventure suits you?

Might your adventure get you arrested?

Does your adventure have to include really good, clean bathrooms?

Would your adventure involve going on a plane?

Do you thrive in an urban environment?

Are more of your adventuring days ahead of you, or behind you?

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