Design a Home and We'll Guess Which State You Should Move To

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About This Quiz

Living in a place is about more than changing your zip code and getting a new driver's license. A place is a culture, a local community, a way of life that exists nowhere else. 

If you live at Lake George, you will have theater festivals in the summer, and skiing in the winter. If you live in Miami, you'll be able to swim year-round, and you'd better like shorts because you will never get bundled up. The way we live is dictated by the places we live, and the homes we live in are determined by the demands and culture of the environment.

We're going to try to do this backward. Instead of asking you where you want to live and then telling you about the home inventory, we're going to design your perfect home together, and from that work out what state your dream home should be in. 

Everything about a home, from its decor to its building materials, to its layout, to the shape of its roof says something about the climate. The colors, textures, and style of architecture tell something about the local culture, and the purpose of the home, according to the owner. 

Are you ready to pull up stakes and move on the word of a quiz? Find out, by building your perfect home, and finding out where you should live.

How many bedrooms would this home be?

How many bathrooms would this home have?

What central space would the home be organized around?

How would you configure your living room?

Would you bother with a drawing room?

What would you insist belongs in your primary entertaining space?

What would go in your games room?

How many floors would your home have?

How many cars must you fit into your garage?

What specialty equipment would you like in your garage?

Would you have a gym in the house?

How isolated would you like your home to be?

How would you configure your kitchen?

What do you keep in the garage?

What kind of pet/pet room would you have?

How big a library do you need?

How big will the TV in your game room be?

How soundproof must the walls be?

What kind of air conditioning must you have?

How well insulated against the cold must your home be?

How would you decorate the walls of your home?

Would you rather have a new build or a home that has been lived in?

What kind of roof would you like for your home?

Would you want your home to be off the grid?

Would you want your home to be carbon neutral?

What architectural feature would you like for the outside of your new home?

What cool architectural feature would you insist on for your home's interior?

What kind of art would grace the walls of your new home?

How would you configure your garden?

What specialist room would you insist on?

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