Quiz: Design a Home and We'll Tell You Which Major European City You Should Live In!
Design a Home and We'll Tell You Which Major European City You Should Live In!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Living in a dream house is always ideal, and nothing is essential to the dreaminess of said house than location, location, location. Your perfect home's features tell us exactly where it ought to be, and by extension, where YOU ought to be. We're going to ask you some questions about how you'd like your dwelling place to look, feel, and work, and then we'll figure out where you should look for something that's a real-world version of it (or as close as we can get, anyway).

Let's get two things clear: in this exercise, firstly, money is no object. Secondly, we're going to assume that the local authority won't raise a fuss about whatever you're building or changing in the neighborhood. Your dream house could be a renovation of a very old building or even involve tearing one down to replace it with a sparkling glass megalith in the middle of old town Vienna, and it might be on top of the most valuable real estate in the world. Just because it's not practical doesn't mean it can't tell us all about the sort of life you would like to be living, and thus which city is likely to offer that life at a more affordable price point. So let's get quizzing and build your dream together!

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