Design a Life in the Suburbs and We'll Guess Which Desperate Housewife You Are

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Children who grow up in the suburbs may dream of escaping them, but many of us dream of absconding to the suburbs ourselves! There's something wonderfully comforting about the idea of living on a safe, quiet street where all the houses look the same and the lawns are always mowed. 

Of course, those pretty McMansion facades often hide a darker reality. Certainly that's what gave the show "Desperate Housewives" such a delicious comedic flair. Affairs, murders, blackmail... Wisteria Lane had more crime and intrigue than most people experience in a lifetime! Not to mention the natural and man-made disasters that plagued Wisteria Lane's residents, which included tornadoes, fires, plane crashes and riots.

Nevertheless, almost everyone has fantasized about what it would be like to live life as a Desperate Housewife. Which character do you think you'd be like? Would you be the church-going Martha Stewart type, like Bree? A warm-hearted but klutzy single mom, like Susan? A dissatisfied career woman turned stay-at-home mom, like Lynette? Or a classic trophy wife, like Gabrielle?

In this quiz, we'll ask you to plan an ideal suburban life, in order to reveal your true Desperate Housewife identity. Ready to find out if you're a Bree, Susan, Lynette or Gabrielle? Put on your cutest pair of yoga pants and let's get quizzin'!

Who is your housewife fashion icon?

What kind of house would you choose to live in?

What would your husband be like?

How many kids would you have?

How would you spend the majority of your day?

What would your kitchen look like?

How would you decorate your living room?

What would your bedroom decor be like?

What kind of bathroom would you have?

On a typical weeknight, what would you make for dinner?

If you were throwing a dinner party for your husband's boss, what would be on the menu?

Would you volunteer or be politically active?

What kind of exercise classes would you take?

What would your hobbies be?

What would your garden look like?

Would you have affairs?

Would you get along with your mother-in-law?

If you caught your child stealing, what would you do?

How would you celebrate the winter holidays?

Would you make anything from scratch?

Would you work part-time?

What would you do if a MILF or DILF moved in next door?

Where would you shop for food?

Would you hire a nanny?

What would be your biggest fear?

What would be your biggest ambition?

What would you do if one of your friends' partners flirted with you?

Where would you vacation?

What kind of bonbons would you eat?

How many secrets would you keep from your neighbors?

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