Design a New Wardrobe and We'll Guess What’s in Your Makeup Bag

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Personal style is just that, personal. Even if you base your style off of what you see on social media, you still find ways to make it your own and to stand out from the crowd. Remember where you used to shop when you were growing up? It was probably all of the same places everyone else uses to shop for logo tees and embroidered jeans. But there was always a way to spice it up and make it different.

Makeup is no different. With makeup trends coming and going as quickly as characters on "Game of Thrones," it can be hard to keep up with them. That's why it's so important to find what you like, see what works for your skin and your face, and stick to it. Of course, adding in new items here and there that are popular and universal is great, but there will always be something about your and your makeup style that is unique.

Clothes and makeup are what make some people feel like themselves, and help express who they are on the inside, and bring it to the outside. Do you think we can guess what's in your makeup bag based on the new wardrobe you design? Take this quiz to find out!

What color is your favorite for jeans?

Would you purchase a jumpsuit?

What shirt would you wear on a daily basis?

What shoes are you dying to add to your closet?

What accessory is a must-have?

Let's talk hats. Which hat do you need?

What style trend do you want to bring back?

What style trend do you NOT want to see come back?

What is an essential coat for you?

Would you wear leggings as pants?

What piece of workout clothing do you need right now?

When it comes to jeans, how many pairs do you want?

When building your wardrobe, do you go quantity or quality?

Would you buy leather riding boots?

What would a majority of your new wardrobe be?

What would you pair with a crop top?

How much sparkle do you want in your new wardrobe?

What new trend are you dying to have in your wardrobe?

What are you hoping to achieve with this new wardrobe?

What do you feel when you walk into/look into your closet?

What do you have coming up that you need outfits for?

What are you most comfortable in?

What do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

What type of location do you want your style to fit?

Whose style do you look up to the most?

Do you enjoy shopping?

How do you dress for work?

Where are you willing to splurge?

What will you do with the clothes you get rid of to make room for your new wardrobe?

What style of swimsuit are you looking to add into your closet?

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