Design a Wedding Dress and We'll Guess Where You’ll Get Married

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About This Quiz

The big wedding day is all about delicious food, an extravagant cake, socializing with friends and family and, of course, the beautiful wedding dress. Just like any other outfit, a wedding gown represents a bride's personality and sense of style. So today, we're going to explore what type of wedding dress you would want to wear!

You don't need to be a fashion designer to take this quiz, but we'll go over a few important tips anyway. For starters, make sure to design a wedding dress that suits your body type. Whether you're slim or curvy, a dress should fit like a glove (and if it's too loose or too tight, it may need to be resized). And while many wedding dresses are white or ivory, some brides prefer colorful gowns. Blue, pink and purple are all popular options, but don't forget about unique colors like black or red. Finally, consider what types of details you want on your dress. Some brides want their dress to stand out, while others prefer a more subtle approach. Your wedding dress preferences will also help us determine where you should get married, so if you're curious about what the future holds, take our magical quiz right now!

Choose a type of fabric for your ideal wedding dress!

What type of flowers will you choose for your epic wedding bouquet?

Are you going for a more traditional or exotic type of look?

How about choosing a beautiful brooch to add to your wedding dress?

You can't design a wedding dress without choosing a beautiful neckline first!

A wedding dress isn't 100% complete without which of these veils?

How long would you like your beautiful wedding dress to be?

Unless you plan on going barefoot, it's time to choose some wedding shoes for the big day!

How much money are you willing to spend on your ideal wedding dress?

You don't want to end up chilly on the big day, so choose something to keep you warm!

Pick some jewelry to accentuate your beautiful wedding gown!

The big day calls for which of these types of wedding trains?

What kind of sleeve style are you leaning toward?

Which type of lace would you like to see on your wedding dress?

Would you rather have a one-of-a-kind dress or a dress that everybody recognizes?

Which of these words comes to mind when you picture your ideal wedding dress?

What season will your wedding dress be suitable for?

How about a beautiful tiara to make you feel like a princess?

Is it more important to feel comfortable or stylish in a wedding dress?

Are you going to rent or purchase your ideal wedding dress?

On a scale of 1-10, how sparkly would you like your wedding dress to be?

Your wedding dress accurately matches which of these wedding themes?

Which Disney princess would you like to look like on your wedding day?

Would you like your wedding dress to match the dresses of your bridesmaids?

How do you feel about wearing a corset under your wedding dress?

Does a two-piece wedding dress sound perfect to you?

What type of subtle details would you like on your wedding dress?

Do you believe in wearing the same wedding dress twice?

What type of wedding dress are you thinking about designing?

Which celebrity designer will you hire to create your dream wedding dress?

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