Quiz: Design an Outfit and We’ll Suggest a Hairstyle for Prom
Design an Outfit and We’ll Suggest a Hairstyle for Prom
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Mitch Diamond/Photodisc/Getty Images

About This Quiz

For many people, prom is one of the most important sartorial occasions of their lives. Chances are good that you've been dreaming about what you'd wear to prom since you were little. Maybe you see yourself as a modern Cinderella, arrayed in a blue gown and sparkly slingbacks, your hair swept into an elegant updo. Or maybe your vision tends more toward an updated Barbie look, embodied by a pink sheath dress, riotous curls and platform sandals. 

But do those childhood dreams really match your current personal style, or are you clinging to a prom look that you've grown out of?

In this quiz, we're going to test whether your preferred prom hairstyle is truly right for you, by asking you a series of questions about your fashion preferences. We want you to design an outfit from top to bottom, including make-up, accessories and nail color. Your choices will help us to build a style profile for you, which we'll use to suggest a new prom hairstyle, one that actually matches who you are today. Perhaps this hairstyle is one you already have in mind; if not, it might be fun to experiment with it. If you want to know which prom hair is totally you, take this quiz!

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Let's start with a general question: what's your favorite clothing store?

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Which "Riverdale" character's style best matches yours?

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When you wake up in the morning, how long does it take to do your hair?

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What kind of product do you use to even your skin tone?

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To catch your crush's eye, how will you do your eye make-up?

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Do you feel the need to cover your upper arms or are you almost as arm-blessed as Michelle Obama?

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What's the best style of jeans for your figure?

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If you had to dress like a person from a bygone historical era, which decade would you choose?

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Let's say it's chilly out. What's the next layer you add to your outfit?

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Which one of these trendy actors is your celebrity style twin?

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You want to add to your cool factor by donning a pair of sunglasses. Which style do you pick?

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