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Don't feel stuck with difficult-to-solve home decor dilemmas. Solutions to design problems, such as clutter, uninspiring furniture sets and accessory overload are more simple than you think. Take this quiz and find out how you can easily solve your home decor dilemmas.

How can you best mix and match furniture?

Don't limit yourself to the uninspiring matching furniture sets typically found in stores. Choose furniture based on a color palette for a unique look.


How do you tastefully incorporate an eclectic look in your home?

Be careful with incorporating too many different eclectic items in your home, as it can quickly look tacky. Restrain yourself from displaying all your lovely, eclectic treasures all at once.


You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of accessories in your home. How can you limit your decor accessories?

First, remove all home decor accessories. Next, only put back a third of the accessories, perhaps in new locations, and banish the rest to the basement.


How can you create a personal touch to your home decor?

It's important to make a house feel like a home. In doing so, stay away from any home decor idea that does not suit your style and add items to your home that are personal, such as pictures, your child's artwork and a hand-stitched quilt.


Why should you control your bargain spending when it comes to home decor?

Try and refrain from outfitting your entire home with bargain items. It's important to splurge on a select few items for quality's sake and to create a “wow” factor.


Which home decor items should you splurge on?

Save up and when your have enough cash, splurge on a home decor item that suits your style and needs, such as: a leather chair, a new dining room table, an original oil painting and a new bed frame


How can you create decor balance in your home decor?

Avoid putting a massive picture frame on a small wall over a small desk. Instead, use big home decor items sparingly and try to match items by size.


What creates clutter in a home?

Clutter seems to have a life of its own. Unopened mail, jackets, scarves, boots, newspapers, pieces of random paper, all create clutter in the home.


How can you minimize clutter in your home?

A disorganized home environment leads to a disorganized mind. Clean up your clutter at least once per week and use a temporary storage place, such as a chest, to put your clutter out of sight.


What kind of home decor accessories can create accessory overload?

Limit your use of flowers, vases, figurines, plastic fruit bowls, tassels and tinsel. Too much decor business is an eyestrain.


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