Quiz: Design the Perfect Bar and We'll Guess Your Favorite Drink!
Design the Perfect Bar and We'll Guess Your Favorite Drink!
By: Amanda M.
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About This Quiz

Think about your favorite drinking establishments! Now, dig a little deeper and think about why you like them so much. As you build your very own bar, you'll get to take all your favorite things about the places you love and put your own special twist on them. Once you have finished your own bar, saloon, cocktail lounge, or back alley distillery, we'll be able to tell you what we think you favorite drink might be!

When you go out drinking, how dim do you like the lighting? Do you like to hide somewhere in a dark booth, or do you prefer places where the music is so loud all you can do is dance? No matter how you build your perfect bar, we're sure it will correlate to your favorite drink. You don't go to a dive bar for cocktails, and you wouldn't dare order a shot of Jagermeister at a high-end lounge. Do you follow our logic about how we'll figure it out? 

You might think we're crazy, and we wouldn't disagree. Mostly, we find you and your idea of a perfect watering hole completely fascinating! You'll also stand in wonder when we nail down your favorite drink! 

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Which character from "Cheers" do you identify with the most?

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What is your favorite way to exercise?

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What kind of drink do you think your patrons will drink the most?

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What kind of music does your bar play?

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Aside from music, what would your bar offer in terms of entertainment?

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