Design Your Room in Black and We'll Give You a Goth Name!

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The name "Goth" comes from the Visigoths, who were a tribe in Germania - modern-day Germany - who fought back effectively against the Roman Empire. The Romans were expanding north, but while they had been able to make the Mediterranean into "the Roman pond," they struggled to ever fully pacify some of the wilder and more remote inland areas of the European continent. This was mostly about the climate and topography, but also mainly because the Visigoths were such brave and determined fighters.

Later on, the term "Gothic" became associated with an aesthetic that harked back somewhat to this earlier time. It was a type of architecture, and later a kind of cultural touchstone that included novels, clothing, and even food and drink. It's still associated with a mysterious Victorian aesthetic. 

Nowadays, it manifests as a great deal of black decor and clothing, copious eyeliner, pale makeup, and a willingness to embrace the darkness - not as an unhealthy obsession, but as a way of facing the things that scare us and accepting the inevitability of loss in a way that enables us to better process it. 

One way to do this is through the way you style your home - so let's decorate your Goth room, and we'll help you find your Goth name!

Which is your favorite chair?

What size is the bed?

How many books are in the room?

What's the lighting?

Is the bathroom en suite?

What's the headboard like?

What are the sheets made of?

Who else will visit the room?

What's the doorknob like?

Are there any mirrors?

What can you see from the windows?

What sort of bed frame is there?

How big is the room?

How many exits are there?

What is on the ceiling?

What storage is there?

What's on the windows?

How many pillows do you have?

What's on the floor?

What heathen or religious symbol is on the wall?

What is the mysterious black chest at the foot of the bed made of?

What is the sound system like?

How thick are the walls?

What sort of art is on the wall?

How many creaky floorboards did you include?

What's on the dressing table?

How do you reach the room?

Where is the secret door?

Other than the bed and a chair, is there any further seating?

What incense are you burning?

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