Beauty in a Bag: What should you pack for your destination wedding?

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Destination weddings are great -- until you're standing on a remote beach, minutes away from saying "I do" and you realize you forgot to pack your favorite lipstick. Take our quiz to find out if you know what beauty essentials you should take with you to your destination wedding.

If you want your skin to look and feel great on your wedding day, which of the following products do you need in your beauty bag?

With all the germs and grime your skin comes in contact with during the day, it's extremely important to take along a great daily face wash that will cleanse your pores and make your skin glow.


Which of the following household products have multiple uses, saving you oodles of space in your beauty bag?

Not only will your gel deodorant keep you smelling fresh and clean on your big day, you can ward off blisters by swiping some inside your dancing shoes.


True or false: To save room in your beauty bag for other goodies, you can make your own exfoliant with coffee grounds at your destination.

You can use all kinds of household products as an exfoliant. Mix coffee grounds or sugar with olive oil for a great scrub that’s not only easy on your budget, but also environmentally friendly.


Which of the following space-saving bathroom staples can you also use as a makeup applicator?

Cotton swabs are one of the many double-duty products that are essential for your beauty bag. They make great makeup applicators -- from applying eye shadow to concealer, you'll be able to use these tiny tools for lots of things to help you get ready for your big day.


What voltage do most American appliances use?

Most American appliances use 110 to 120 volts, and most European countries use 220 to 240 volts. So regardless where you live, if you're traveling overseas for your wedding, make sure to check the voltage used at your destination, as you'll likely need to take along an electric converter.


True or false: Depending on the location of your destination wedding, you will need to pack an electric adapter.

An electric adapter is a device that changes the shape of a plug. Just like other countries don't necessarily use the same voltage amount, the shape of the plug can also be different. Luckily, finding out if you need an adapter is as easy as calling up your hotel to see if it's fitted to use your country's appliances.


Which of the following should you pack in your beauty bag to prepare yourself for a long flight?

To keep your skin hydrated before your flight, you should drink lots of water a few days before you leave. Even with major hydration, your skin might need some extra help from a good moisturizer tucked away in your carry-on. Apply on your face and neck when your skin starts feeling tight and dry.


Which of the following products will NOT help you save space in your beauty bag?

To save room in your beauty bag, choose products that work double duty! A moisturizer with SPF or an eye shadow/lip gloss compact are great ways to save space.


Any product, no matter what it is, should go into your bag first if it's critically important for you to have on your wedding day.

You may not have a lot of room to pack what you need, but you should always pack the thing that is the most important to you. Don't make exceptions for the one item that'll make you feel like a goddess walking down the aisle.


True or false: When traveling to or from America, don't pack any toiletries or cosmetics over 3 ounces in your carry-on baggage.

American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations state that you cannot travel with any liquids over 3 ounces in carry-on baggage. In addition, the 3-ounce liquids must be contained in a clear, 1 quart bag. Be sure to put more substantial beauty products in with your checked luggage to avoid a snag while passing through security.


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