Diabetics: Would Your Doctor Be Proud of Your Lifestyle Choices?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Diabetes is no joke, as anyone who has it - or anyone whose family member has it - knows all too well. Fortunately, good choices can help diabetics live healthy lives. Find out how your doctor would feel about yours!

How often do you check your blood sugar?

Do you fear needles?

Do you eat your five a day?

How do you take your coffee?

What's a balanced meal to you?

What's your meat intake?

Some diabetics avoid fruit due to the sugar content, but it can actually be great for you. Do you eat fruit?

When did you last get an eye exam?

What's your cholesterol?

How do you see carbs?

Are you carrying any extra weight?

Do you get your cardio?

How about strength training?

And your flexibility?

Pets can help you maintain an active lifestyle. Do you own one?

How's your blood pressure?

What are your triglycerides up to?

Do you get your eight hours a night?

When did you last have a blood test?

How's your stress?

Do you know which fats are good fats?

Do you control your portions?

Do you want that fried or grilled?

What healthy steps do you take when flying?

Do you educate folks around you on what hypoglycemia looks like, and on what to do?

Do you wear a diabetes bracelet?

If you were passed out, and I didn't know to check for your bracelet, how would I know you were diabetic?

How much alcohol do you drink?

Diabetes increases the odds of tooth problems. How's your dental care?

Diabetes means you can be prone to infections. Do you take care of that?

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