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"Game of Thrones" is a series that airs on HBO and has become somewhat of a global phenomenon since its second season. Originally a book series written by George R R Martin, now turned into a TV show,  it follows the race for the Iron Throne and the march of an army of the undead upon the living. 

But like any other book series that has been adapted to the big or little screen, "Game of Thrones" has undergone some changes since it first aired on HBO. From the appearance of the prostitute Ros in the very first episode to the death of Lady Crane, the actress, some characters were created out of thin air, some died who weren't supposed to and others just went down paths that the original author may not have had in store for them. And that's why we're here today- to see whether you're big enough of a fan to tell us where these happenings occurred. 

So did Sansa marry Ramsay in the books or on the show? Was Arya a warg on paper or on screen? Answer these questions and more and we'll know whether you just joined the bandwagon or whether you've been a fan from the start. 

Where do the Targaryens have violet eyes?

In the novel, the Targaryans have silver-blond hair and violet-colored eyes, which they inherited due to their Valyrian roots. In the TV show, the producers depicted them with the correct hair color, but swapped their violet eyes for the actors' brown ones.


Where is Bran called the "Three-Eyed Crow"?

In the "Song of Fire and Ice" book series, Brian Stark saw a three-eyed crow, unlike on the show which was a three-eyed raven. This was most likely because the men of the Night's Watch were named "crows," and the producers probably did not want to confuse the viewers.


Does Littlefinger love Sansa in the books or on the show?

Littlefinger isn't attracted to Sansa in the books, but is in the show. Lord Petyr Baelish, or Littlefinger, arranged for Sansa to marry Ser Harry Harding. Harry was not very excited to marry her, believing her to be the bastard daughter or (niece in the show), of Littlefinger.


Where do Greyworm and Missaindei have a romantic relationship?

Missandei, in the book series, was only 10 years old and was described by Daenerys as her "little scribe." In the show, her age is unconfirmed, but she is much older and was demanded by Daenerys as a gift from the slavers of Astapor.


Where was Robb Stark's wife named Talisa?

In the show, Robb Stark fell in love with the Volatene Talisa and two were married at the end of season two. This differs from the books where his wife is a young woman named Jeyene Westerling, whom he married in secret after getting her pregnant.


Where does Arya warg, frequently?

In the book "A Dance With Dragons," Arya is a warg i.e., a person with the ability to go into the body of an animal. In the series, she does not have this ability, which was very useful, allowing her to spy on others when she was blind.


Do you know where Khal Drogo managed to seduce Daenerys on their wedding night?

Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding night isn't rape in the book, but it is on the show. In the book, Drogo seduced her then asked her for permission, to which she says yes. However, in the show, she is seen crying on the bed with her clothes ripped off.


Where does Ser Jorah NOT contract greyscale?

Unlike the books, Ser Jorah Mormont never contracted greyscale, which he acquired in seasons five and six of the show. This storyline belonged to another character named Jon Connington, who has not yet appeared on the show.


Where does Sansa marry Ramsay?

On the TV show, Sansa Stark's storyline was switched with that of Jeyne Poole, who was the one who was sent to marry Ramsay. According to the book, Sansa was nowhere near Winterfell and was never married to him.


Do you remember which version saw Melisandre giving birth to two shadow demons?

Melisandre gives birth to two shadow assassins in the book but one in the series. In the show, this shadow child went on to murder Renly Baratheon, whereas in the books, the Red Woman gave birth to a second child who was used to take Storm's End.


Where did Mance Rayder really die?

Mance Rayder is not killed in the books but is in the series. Rather than being burnt alive, Mance's death in the book was faked. Instead, a wildling named Rattleshirt was created by Melisandre then burnt in Mance's place.


In which version is Eric Storm, the Baratheon bastard, taken to Dragonstone?

According to the books, Eric Storm is the Baratheon bastard taken to Dragonstone, not Gendry. Having Gendry take Edric's place eliminated the difficulty of the showrunners introducing a Baratheon child at the last moment, only to be killed off.


Where does Tyrion get greyscale?

In season five of Game of Thrones, Jorah caught the greyscale disease while attempting to bring Tyrion to Daenerys. However in the books, Tyrion was never caught by Jorah, and the hyper-popular Tyrion was the one who caught the disease.


In which version of the series is Lady Lyanna Mormont a made up character?

Lady Lyanna Mormont is a new character who was introduced in season six. Despite her importance in the show, she was only mentioned in the book as the sister of Alysane Mormont, who played a crucial role in bringing House Mormont into the fight against Ramsay Bolton.


Where was Jon Snow murdered by a boy named Bowen Marsh?

Jon Snow was murdered by a boy named Bowen Marsh in the books, rather than Olly in the series. Although the two characters are slightly different, their similarities include that they were both Jon's steward and eventually betrayed his trust.


In which version was Catelyn Stark brought back from the dead?

Catelyn Stark remained dead on the show, whereas she was revived in the books by Beric Dondarrion, who traded his life for hers. Upon being brought back to life, she became Lady Stoneheart, a zombie-like creature who can't speak and is consumed by revenge.


Where is Ser Barristan left in charge of Mereen while Daenerys is off on her journey?

In the books, Ser Barristan is alive and well and was left in charge of Meereen by Daenerys after she left on the back of her dragon, Drogon. However, in the series, he was murdered during a battle against the secret society, Sons of the Harpy.


In which version does Tyrion find Aegon Targaryen?

Tyrion finds Aegon Targaryen in the books, but that doesn't happen on the show, where there is no evidence of him. In the books, Tyrion fled King's Landing and set off for Meereen where he met a boy named "Young Griff," who later turned out to be Aegon Targaryen.


In which version of the series was Jon Snow not established as a Stark?

In an effort to keep the north out of the Lannisters, Jon Snow was legitimized as the son of Eddard Stark by Robb, shortly before the latter's death. Whereas in the show, Robb Stark only brought up the idea to his mother, who heavily disagreed.


Where did Joffrey claw his throat open to try to breathe?

In the books, Joffrey's death was rather gruesome, which involved him clawing at his throat open to breathe while he is dying. The series spared the viewers that horrific scene, rather, his face turned purple as blood oozed from his nose.


Which version tells of Jojen and Meera helping Bran escape Winterfell?

In the book, Jojen Stark helped Bran Stark escape Winterfell, while his sister Meera helped him escape an ambush of White Walkers. On the show, he and his brother Rickon are whisked away by Hodor and the Wildling, Osha.


In which version does Sam kill a White Walker?

A creature named Coldhands helps Sam, Gilly and Bran on their journeys. On the show, he doesn't exist. Coldhands is a strange figure who resembles a White Walker and smells like a dead man. On the show, there is no indication of this character.


Where is Cersei unwilling to make love to Jaime after Joffrey's death?

In the book, Cersei is willing to make love to Jaime next to Joffrey's body. On the show, she isn't. She immediately responded to his advances as they mourn Joffrey's death, whereas, in the show, Jaime's reaction was far from consensual.


Where was Shireen Baratheon burned alive?

Shireen was burned alive on the show; she wasn't in the books. The fate of Stannis Baratheon's daughter was particularly cruel. In order to increase his power, he burnt his daughter alive, and watched on as she screamed in agony.


Where does Ramsay marry a fake Arya Stark?

Ramsay marries a fake Arya in the book, on the show he weds Sansa. In the novel, he married Jeyene, a Stark family friend who the Lannisters passed off as Arya. On the show, Sansa willingly married him in an attempt to gain political power.


In which version of the series is Tyrion extremely disfigured?

Tyrion is extremely disfigured in the books, but is only short and scarred on the show. George R. R. Martin described him as short, with a swollen forehead, squashed-in face, different colored eyes, stunted legs, a terrible waddle and a disfigured face with much of his nose missing.


Where are Thenns cannibals?

Thenns are normal people in the book, but, on the show, they are depicted as cannibals. In the novels, they were described as normal and pretty harmless. The Ice-river clan were the cannibals, not the Thenns.


Where does Doran Martell send a son of his to marry Daenerys?

Doran Martell sends one of his sons to marry Daenerys in the book; he doesn't on the show. His son, Quentyn Martell, was sent by his father to ask for Daenerys' hand in marriage. Shortly after meeting her, he was burnt alive after attempting to tame one of her dragons.


Which version shows Maester Aemon dying at Castle Black?

Maester Aemon dies in Castle Black on the show but doesn't in the book. He was very much alive while sailing to Oldtown with Gilly and Sam. However, he passed away on his way there due to old age.


In which version does Bronn teach Jaime to fight after his hand is cut off?

Ilyn Payne is the one who taught Jaime to fight in the books, on the show it's Bronn. Jaime chose to train with Ilyn Payne since his tongue was cut out and he can't speak. However, in the series, Bronn taught Jaime sword fighting after the latter lost his hand.


In which version of the series did Shae never love Tyrion?

Shae never loved Tyrion. Although it appeared that she may have loved our favorite imp for a short amount of time, before becoming jealous of Sansa and Tyrion's growing relationship on the show, the book states that she never loved Tyrion.


Where was Ser Jorah nicknamed the "Black Bear"?

Ser Jorah's appearance in the book is quite different from that on the show. In the book, he was not described as an attractive blonde rather; he was called Black Bear due to his large stature and black hair all over his body.


In which version are the characters very young?

Many of the characters are much younger in the books than depicted in the series. Arya, for example, was only 9 years old in the book, rather than nine. Daenerys was 13 and Jon Snow would've been 14.


Where are the White Walkers called "Others"?

In the book, the White Walkers are only referred to as such by the Wildlings, while everyone else called them Others. Also, they aren't as scary in the books, rather they have white skin and wear reflective armor.


Which version of the series is called "Game of Thrones"?

Contrary to popular belief, the book series is called "A Song of Ice and Fire" and not "Game of Thrones." Unknown to many, the television series was named after the first installment of the book series, while the other books have varying titles.


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