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When it comes to diet and fitness, how much do you know? Test your knowledge! (Adapted from YOU: The Owner's Manual, by Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen)

Which of the following is the best advice about diets?

The key to a diet is loving it and being able to stay on it. Eating too little will slow your metabolism.


What is the greatest threat to your arteries?

Blood pressure of 160/90 is more than three times more of a threat to your arteries than any of the others. That doesn't mean you should avoid physical activity or avoid lowering a lousy cholesterol reading; it just means that your blood pressure may be the most important number you know other than your spouse's birthday.


What food has qualities least similar to that of an addictive drug?

Only peanuts don't cause the direct release of the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine. Peanuts are actually a healthy substance with both healthy fat and healthy protein.


Which of the following is not an inherited taste?

Fat is a learned taste, so you can change what kind of fats you enjoy tasting over an eight-week period.


Which trick has been shown scientifically to help you eat less at a meal?

Eating a little fat first at the start of every meal slows your stomach from emptying; you feel full sooner and stay full longer, so you don't want to eat as much.


What is the most likely effect of training for and running a marathon?

You will develop the cardiovascular endurance of elite athletes when training for and running a marathon.


What's the primary role of your muscles?

Didn't think they did all that, did you? Muscles do help you move, breathe and urinate, and they even help you think, since exercise keeps your brain younger.


What are the three best forms of physical activity?

The three components of physical activity that independently affect your health include any physical activity, strength training and exercise that makes you sweat in a cool room. But to have the greatest chance of succeeding, do the "any activity" like walking before the weight training, and do the weight training before cardiovascular activity.


Which of the following is most important when training with weights?

It's only when your muscles are fatiguing within 12 repetitions that you are actually building strength in the muscles rather than just increasing their stamina.


Walking with "little" three-pound dumbbells in your hands is . . . :

Walking with little dumbbells should help employ an orthopedic surgeon who concentrates on shoulder repairs.


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