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Take two orphans from the projects and drop them into a fancy Park Avenue apartment and you've got "Diff'rent Strokes," a show that broke barriers around race and class, but never failed to make viewers laugh. Think you remember everything there is to know about this classic show? Take our quiz to find out!

What character on the show was played by Gary Coleman?

Gary Coleman played the adorable Arnold Jackson, with Todd Bridges in the role of big brother Willis.


What is the name of Mr. Drummond's daughter?

Kimberly -- played by Dana Plato -- becomes foster sister to Arnold and Willis when they move into the Drummond's Park Ave apartment.


What is the name of Arnold and Willis' mother?

Lucy Jackson was a housekeeper for the Drummond family. When she got ill, her dying wish was for Mr. Drummond to take care of her two young sons.


Who was NOT one of the Drummond's housekeepers?

The Drummonds had three different housekeepers during the show's run, including Mrs. Garrett for the first two seasons, Adelaide Brubaker for seasons two through four and Pearl Gallagher for the remainder of the series.


Who bullied Arnold at school?

Arnold -- and later little brother Sam -- was terrorized by a bully known only as the Gooch. Arnold eventually takes karate lessons to defend himself from the Gooch's violent ways.


What was the name of Arnold's best friend?

Dudley Johnson, who also happened to be adopted, played Arnold's best friend on the show.


What is the name of Arnold's favorite doll?

Arnold is so distraught after Kimberly's throws away his beloved doll, Homer, that Mr. Drummond is forced to hire a private investigator to retrieve the toy.


What school does Kimberly attend at the end of Season 1?

Kimberly attends Eastlake Academy. When Mrs. Garrett visits the school at the end of Season 1, she bonds with the girls -- and is eventually offered a job.


What condition lands Arnold in the hospital at the start of Season 2?

When Arnold comes down with appendicitis, he befriends a girl named Alice in the hospital. When the two friends are sent to separate rooms, they decide to run away instead.


What is the name of Phillip's old Army buddy, played by McLean Stevenson?

Larry Adler appears on the show several times as one of Mr. Drummond's old Army buddies. The crossover helped to drum up interest in McLean's own show, "Hello, Larry," in which he plays a radio host.


Who claims custody of the boys to prevent Mr. Drummond from adopting them?

When Mr. Drummond is ready to adopt Arnold and Willis, their "cousin" Jethro Simpson comes by in an effort to take custody of the boys for himself.


What kind of pet does Arnold have?

Arnold has a goldfish named Abraham. When the fish dies, his family tries to secure a replacement before Arnold discovers the truth.


What gang does Willis join in the Season 2 finale?

In the Season 2 finale, Willis joins the Tarantulas, then gets arrested after being caught spray painting graffiti with the gang.


What lands Mr. Drummond in the hospital on his 50th birthday?

Mr. Drummond is sent to the hospital after he is injured in a collision with a drunk driver on his 50th birthday.


What character was played by Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson guest starred as Charlene DuPrey, who dated Willis on and off between Seasons 3 and 6.


What is the name of Mr. Drummond's sister?

Mr. Drummond's sister Sophia appeared in several episodes throughout the series and spent plenty of time playing matchmaker for her brother.


What does Arnold steal in order to join a secret club in Season 4?

Arnold thinks it will be no big deal to steal a comic book as part of a club initiation -- until he learns that the rare book he made off with is actually worth big bucks.


Who saves Arnold from a falling piano?

Arnold is so grateful after Willis saves him from a falling piano that he must find a way to save Willis' life in return. Bothered by all the attention, Willis finds a way for his little brother to be a hero.


What kind of shop does Henry Horton run?

In a very special episode of the show, Arnold and Dudley are nearly molested by Henry Horton, who runs the local bike shop.


Which character moves to Paris in Season 6?

Kimberly heads off to school in Paris during Season 6. Actress Dana Plato was pregnant at the time and producers chose not to write the pregnancy into the show.


Who does Mr. Drummond marry during Season 7 of the show?

After getting off on the wrong foot with TV fitness show host Maggie McKinney, Mr. Drummond proposes to her and the two are married.


What was the name of Maggie's son?

Maggie brings her young son Sam into the Drummond household, which worries Arnold, because he is no longer the baby of the family.


Which character was played by a different actor after Season 7?

Maggie was the only character played by two different actors on the show. Dixie Carter filled the role for two seasons, while Mary Ann Mobley played Maggie in the show's final season.


Which of the kids gets kidnapped in Season 8?

A grieving father kidnaps Sam to replace his own dead son in the Season 8 premiere. Eventually, Arnold saves the day by helping the police trace Sam's location.


Who played opposite Arnold in "Romeo and Juliet?"

Lisa Hayes is Arnold's arch rival, though the pair are forced to join forces to play star-crossed lovers at one point.


Who is Arnold's red-haired friend?

Played by Steven Mond, red-haired Robbie is Arnold's other close friend -- after Dudley, that is.


Who plays Phillip Drummond on the show?

Conrad Bain, who also starred on "Maude" and "The Love Boat," played the wealthy Phillip Drummond on "Diff'rent Strokes."


What crime did Arnold uncover in the series finale?

Arnold uncovers a steroid ring at school in the final episode and tries to draw attention to the issue by having an article published in the school newspaper.


What show was a spinoff of "Diff'rent Strokes?"

"The Facts of Life," which ran from 1979 to 1988, was a spinoff of "Diff'rent Strokes." The name of the school was changed from Eastlake to Eastland by the time the show premiered with Mrs. Garrett as housemother.


How many seasons did "Diff'rent Strokes" run?

The show ran for 181 episodes over eight seasons from 1978 to 1986.


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