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These days everyone wants a digital entertainment system in their homes. Most people will tell you that bigger is better, but is it really that simple? Take our quiz to learn a few tips and tricks to help you assemble the right system for you.

What is the standard aspect ratio of a widescreen television?

Widescreen televisions use an aspect ratio of 16-to-9, which allows you to watch a DVD in its native format.


How do you calculate how far from your television you should be sitting?

Generally speaking, your distance from the television should be at least 1.5 times the width of the TV.


What will likely happen of you sit too close to the TV screen?

Picture quality is not just a matter of the quality of the television. If you are too close to the TV, the picture will seem distorted.


At what height should you hang your television?

Determine the TV's installation height by sitting down and discovering where on the wall your line of vision lands. Then mark on the wall where to hang the TV.


Which of these techniques will help determine where your line of sight lands?

By sitting down and raising your arms to shoulder height, you and a friend can eyeball the proper placement of the television.


What is the benefit of labeling your system cables?

Determining which cable belongs to which component, without any labels, can be difficult and time-consuming. If you label the cables, you'll make life easier in the long run.


Which of these is the safest type of cable to hide within a wall?

Choose Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-rated cables that are flame-retardant. To protect against fires, you should use these cables when hiding wiring inside your wall .


Which of these problems might you face if you run your high-voltage cables near your audio cables?

When high-voltage cables are too close to audio cables they can cause audio signal interference. Keep high-voltage cables away from your sound cables to optimize sound quality.


When choosing a color for your entertainment room, which of these is best?

White can reflect cause bright reflections, while primary colors can confuse your eyes. Choose a subtle neutral color instead.


What sort of paint finish should you use for your media room?

The paint finish you choose is almost as important as the color. Choose a flat finish to avoid the problems caused by reflective paints.


What is the benefit of a CD/DVD combo unit?

Components that have multiple functions can save a lot of space. Why buy a DVD player and a CD player when one machine that does both?


DivX systems are used to perform which of these functions?

These days you can download a ton of material from the Internet. Movies are often in a DivX format, which converts the data into a viewable format.


At what height should you set your speakers?

For ideal audio quality, your speakers should be at your ear level while seated.


What can you use to determine the placement of each speaker in a multi-speaker system?

A traditional watch or clock with hands can help you properly position your speakers. Put the TV at 12 o'clock and place the speakers at 11, 1, 4 and 8 o'clock.


Where should you place the center speaker of your sound system?

The center speaker projects a combined and balanced sound. It does not favor one side, so it should go directly above or below your television.


Where is the best place for the subwoofers?

Subwoofers project low-pitched audio frequencies. They do not need to point toward you, so you're better off placing them at 3 and 9 o'clock.


What is the annual cost to consumers from unused electricity?

When electronic items remain in sleep mode, they basically leak electricity. You can conserve energy and save big bucks by turning off these items when they are not in use.


Why should you NOT throw away electronic devices?

Many electronic devices have toxic ingredients such as lead and cadmium. Follow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's electronics disposal guidelines at www.epa.gov/e-cycling.


Which of these does the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) NOT recommend doing with your unwanted electronic devices?

If your items are in working order, the EPA suggest that you donate your used items to charity or recycle them.


What is a good reason to use an online backup site?

Rather than using up space on your hard drive and worrying about damaged disks, you can use an online backup site to store your digital data. They're affordable and safe.


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