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There are lots of tips and tricks to know when it comes to creating your digital home entertainment room. Take our quiz to get valuable information on your family digital media room.

What is usually the central focus of a multipurpose family room or media room?

Though a multipurpose family room may also have a DVD player, a video game system or a computer, its central focus is a state-of-the-art TV.


What is the main purpose of a home theater?

A home theater is built for the purpose of watching TV and movies, with special acoustics, lighting and seating to enhance the experience.


When budgeting for your media room or home theater, you should __________.

Spend your money wisely. Invest in a few good components to make your dollars go far.


What are some of the extra costs to consider when buying an electronic device?

Delivery and installation charges, extended warranties, routers and more memory are all extras that can add up when buying electronic devices.


What potentially large costs are often overlooked when buying electronic devices?

In the 21st century, services subscriptions for digital electronics are often essential. You should price satellite TV, Internet and digital recording services before making any purchases.


DVD soundtracks are recorded with _________.

Most DVD soundtracks are recorded with either Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS (Digital Theater Systems) 5.1.


How many speakers do you need for a good surround sound system?

You need five speakers and one subwoofer to get a great three-dimensional sound experience.


When planning your digital home, it's a good idea to install extra_________, even in rooms that don't presently have electronics.

It's always a good idea to think about the future when planning for electronics. You never know when you might want surround sound in your bedroom.


Cabinets planned for electronic equipment should have __________.

Since electronic components tend to get hot, plan cabinets with ventilation holes in the back panel and deep shelves so air can circulate.


For maximum enjoyment of your home media room, what type of remote control is best?

For maximum enjoyment and convenience, choose a mega remote control that controls all the devices in your home media room.


Where should you install intercom units in your home?

For maximum enjoyment of your intercom system, place units in the most frequently used rooms of your home.


Where should you place temperature and security control panels in your home?

For easy access, you should install temperature and security control panels in high-traffic areas such as the main hallway.


When investing in a home digital entertainment system you should:

Don't feel you have to buy everything at once for your home entertainment system. Invest in a few good components and then add to it when you can.


What should you do before installing wires to accommodate your new electronic equipment?

Before installing wires to accommodate your new electronic equipment, plan where you will need wiring installed and where you will place the components in your room. A simple sketch will help you create a clear plan.


Who should help plan and install your home digital systems?

It pays to seek expert advice when installing expensive electronic systems in your home. Ask for recommendations and then do your homework when searching for a professional.


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