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There are lots of dining room decorating ideas, depending on the mood you want to create. Get in a good mood by answering this dining room decorating quiz.

In your dining area, how much space should you figure for the table and chairs?

Ideally, you should allow eight square feet for a table that seats four and 36 inches (91 centimeters) for each chair.


What dual purpose does a drop-leaf table serve?

A drop-leaf table is used as a small hall table or as a large dining table for guests, depending on the occasion.


What other storage ideas can you implement in your dining room in addition to cabinets?

Aside from cabinets, you could make good use of dining-room space by installing corner china cupboards, plate racks and wall shelves.


How can you create a dining room with a glamorous look?

If you want glamour, go for a round table, elegant chairs and chandeliers; the more elongated the better.


Glass doors, a glass-topped table and a high ceiling give your dining room what sort of look?

These kinds of qualities contribute to make you dining room look modern.


To give your dining room a feeling of serenity, what would you need?

Use lots of curves and no sharp edges: curved arches, round tables, even a ceiling dome, if possible.


Your spouse wants to paint the walls a rose-toned shade. Will it go down well in a dining room?

Surprisingly, a cheery rose color goes quite well in a dining room. It even makes you feel cozy on cold nights.


What could you use as a regal focal point in your dining-room décor?

An expansive hearth does the trick. Framed by marble or granite, it makes for an effective focal point.


An effective dining-room décor captures the element of surprise. What is one idea of "surprise"?

There are many surprise ideas, but a good one is to have an ornate ceiling that would literally surprise a guest if he looked up there.


You want an Indian-bazaar look in your dining room. What would you put with traditional pieces to get this look?

For the full flavor of an Indian bazaar, you would be wise to mix traditional pieces with ethnic ones.


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