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The premise was ridiculous, but that didn't stop millions of people from watching this World War II-era action film. How much do you know about "The Dirty Dozen?"

The movie is based on what other work of art?

The book, published in 1965, was written by E.M. Nathanson.


What is the goal of the military unit depicted in the film?

The hope is to make it harder for the Nazis to respond to the Allied D-Day invasion.


In what year was the movie released?

It was a war movie that emerged during the tumult of the Vietnam era.


From which branch of the U.S. military are the 12 men referred to as "The Dirty Dozen?"

They aren't normal soldiers; they are hardened criminals who face long prison sentences.


Why does the military choose criminals for the mission instead of normal soldiers?

It was a Hollywood fabrication that would never work in the real world.


How many Oscar nominations did the film receive?

It won one, for Best Sound Effects.


Who directed the film?

Aldrich saw the movie as an anti-war statement.


Who plays Major John Reisman, who is in charge of the mission?

Marvin was a real World War II veteran who became a Hollywood star.


How do the men arrive at the launching point of their mission?

One man dies during the drop, leaving 11 to carry out the plan.


Actor Jim Brown was actually better known for which talents?

He was a fullback for the Cleveland Browns and is regarded as one of the best players in NFL history.


When filming interfered with NFL training camp and the league threatened to suspend Brown, how did Brown respond?

He wasn't just bluffing, he quit; his enormous popularity gave him leverage to do whatever he wanted.


How do the men wind up with the name "dirty dozen?"

Denied warm water for shaving, they give up on hygiene altogether.


Why was Lee Marvin disruptive on set?

Marvin's well-known alcohol issues caused problems on multiple productions throughout the years.


What is the code name for the secret mission?

And yet, amnesty for the men in the unit seems like a long shot given the circumstances.


How does Major Reisman reward the group for successful training?

The episode lands Reisman in hot water with his commanding officer.


What are the men promised in return should they succeed in their mission?

Because nothing says "thank you" like being returned to active duty.


Where did most of the film's shooting take place?

The shooting schedule lasted for about half a year.


Who plays the role of Joseph Wladislaw?

Bronson's character is sentenced to death for defying a (moronic) order and assaulting the superior officer who issued it.


Why was Jim Brown's role in the movie expanded once he signed a contract to perform?

Robert Aldrich was thrilled when a genuine football star joined the cast.


How long is the movie?

It follows the men through their training and to their epic clash with the Nazis.


For what crimes was the character named Victor Franko convicted?

He murdered an older couple for a pittance in cash.


At the end of shooting, why didn't the film crew blow up the Nazi meeting place as originally planned?

The house would have required an extremely dangerous amount of explosives, so they destroyed a model instead.


Why did Jack Palance reportedly turn down the role of A.J. Maggott?

Palance wanted nothing to do with the mean-spirited Maggott.


How many steps are there in the chant that the men repeat to help them memorize the mission?

The rhyming verses are supposed to help them remember their roles during the attack.


Before he's selected for the mission, what is Samson Posey's sentence?

He is one of the group's most innocent men; he accidentally killed a man by shoving him.


Which character's criminal behavior resurfaces and nearly ruins the entire mission?

Maggott attacks a woman and ignites chaos that throws the mission into a downward spiral.


What role did Edward Scaife play in the making of the movie?

He was very active in movie making until the late 1970s.


Who was the first choice to play Major Reisman?

He decided not to join the cast because of Reisman's adulterous behavior.


How many of the men survive the mission?

Wladislaw is one of three survivors of the ordeal.


Ernest Borgnine was one of numerous veterans in the cast. In which branch of the military did he serve?

He served for a decade and fought in World War II.


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