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Our home is our greatest investment, and we treasure its security. Even though home burglaries are less common than they used to be, they still happen far too often. Do you know how to keep your property safe and secure. Take this quiz to find our whether you know how to discourage break-ins.

Approximately how many homes in the U.S. have an electronic security system?

As of 2006, only 25 percent of homes in the United States were protected by an electronic security system.

How many American homes were broken into in 2006?

Despite a decreasing trend in home invasions, about 1.5 million U.S. homes were burglarized in 2006.

What percentage of burglary cases are solved by the police?

Burglary crimes are among the most difficult to solve. In 2006, only 12.6 percent of U.S. cases were cleared.

After purchasing an expensive item, such as a plasma screen television, you should discreetly dispose of which of these?

If you leave the box for your brand-new $7,000 television sitting by your garbage cans, you're likely to draw the attention of a thief. Dispose of such items discreetly.

One way to avoid drawing attention to your valuables is to do which of these?

If your extra-large television faces your extra-large living room window, thieves are going to notice it. Consider redecorating your home in a manner that doesn't invite too much attention.

The majority of home invasions occur during which hours?

The cliché of the midnight burglar might have some truth, but most home invasions occur during work hours. Burglars prefer these hours, because many people aren't home or even in the area.

The Office of Community Oriented Police Service reports that which type of sign often deters burglars?

If you make a big deal about having a security system (even if you don't have one) it will deter many burglars. Put up a sign that announces the presence of a security system.

You should consider reinforcing older models of which of these types of doors?

Older styles of sliding door are not very secure. Protect your property by blocking the slide mechanism with a wooden dowel or steel rod.

What percentage of home invasions occur without the use of force?

About 40 percent of so-called break-ins don't involve any breaking. Leaving a key lying around or leaving windows and doors unlocked is just a bad idea.

Where is the best place to keep a spare key?

The days of keeping a spare key under the door mat are long gone. Rather than provide a burglar with easy access, leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend.

You can prevent burglars from entering your home through an unlocked window by doing which of these?

Rather than installing those horrible-looking window grates, you can block the slide of a window pane with a nail or two, so that the window cannot open enough to allow a person to fit through.

Your mailbox should provide what information?

Your friends and family know where you live, and all the mailman needs is your address. Don't provide your name to predators who might use that information to organize a burglary.

Why shouldn't you announce your vacations on sites like Facebook?

Publicizing your vacation plans on sites such as Facebook and Twitter informs everybody, including burglars, that you will not be home at a particular time, and for a particular amount of time. It's exactly the information a burglar needs to plan a crime. Some people come home to find the entire house has been cleaned out.

How does getting to know your neighbors help prevent crime?

In neighborhoods where everyone knows each other, strangers tend to stick out. Close-knit communities have lower incidents of robberies and other crimes.

A person who rents an apartment is how much more likely to experience a home invasion?

People who rent apartments tend not to develop the same sense of community, so they are less aware of strangers lurking in their midst. You are a whopping 85 percent more likely to experience a home invasion if you rent an apartment.

How many Americans participate in neighborhood watch programs?

The National Crime Prevention Council reports that more than 30 million Americans participate in some kind of neighborhood watch program. Studies have found that these programs do indeed help prevent crime.

If you are going on vacation, you should make sure a friends or neighbor does which of these?

Burglars see signs of absence, such as a stuffed mailbox, as invitations to enter your home. Always have a friend or neighbor collect your mail for you. This will also help prevent identity theft.

One of the least expensive ways to improve your home security is do which of these?

Many police departments have officers who specialize in home security. They are happy to come to your home and provide an evaluation of your home's security.

Which of these is an example of natural access control?

The idea behind natural access control is to incorporate security into your landscaping and decoration. A thorny bush -- holly, for instance -- under a window makes it more difficult to use that window for a break-in.

One example of target hardening is what?

Target hardening refers to structural improvements that increase home security. Examples include deadbolt locks, solid wood doors, and double-paned windows.

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