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If you like extreme activities, then open-water diving with sharks may be for you. The best places to go are Southern California, Australia and South Africa. Take this quiz to learn more about diving with sharks.

Which is the safer way to dive with sharks?

Cage diving is the safer of the options.


How many divers can be in a typical cage together?

You and three others can share the experience.


What equipment do you need to cage dive?

The usual equipment you would need to scuba dive.


How do you know the sharks will come?

If the cage diving company put chum in the water, then the sharks will come.


What is chum?

Chum is a mixture of fish blood, oils and parts, and sharks are crazy for it.


How long does a cage dive last?

Usually 20 to 30 minutes is the length of the dive.


What is open-water diving?

Open-water diving is just you and the ocean, plus sharks. You have no barrier and this is an extreme version of diving with sharks.


What type of certification do you need for open-water diving with sharks?

You will need to have Advanced Open Water scuba certification.


What equipment will you need for open-water diving with the sharks?

You will need scuba equipment.


Why should you stand in the water when swimming with the sharks?

Sharks are less threatened by tall, vertical beings that are close to the bottom of the ocean.


Where is the best place to dive with sharks?

The best place to dive with sharks is Southern California, Australia or South Africa.


What about insurance?

The company you dive with, will most likely include all the necessary insurance in the price of the diving package, including life insurance.


How many species of sharks are there?

Swimming in the ocean today are more than 375 shark species.


How many shark species have attacked humans?

Thirty shark species have a history of attacking humans.


How many of the shark species are considered dangerous to humans?

About a dozen of the shark species are considered dangerous.


How many shark attacks happened in 2009?

There were 61 shark attacks in 2009, five of which were fatal.


What should you do if a shark tries to attack you?

Fight back with your pole or spear, aim for sensitive areas like the shark's eyes, nose or gills. Swim to the surface when the shark backs off, but keep an eye out for the shark's return.


How can you tell a shark is getting a bit unsettled?

If a shark starts to make jerky movements, you may be in danger.


Why should you leave your shiny jewelry at home?

If a shark sees the glitter, it may think it is a fish and attack.


Why may a shark "hit and run" a human?

Sharks do not like the taste of humans, and after the first bite, the shark may not want to eat anymore.


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