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Halloween mixes the scary with the fun and entertaining. Decorating for the holiday can become an elaborate task, but by creating your own decorations, you and your children can have fun together. Take this quiz to see how much you know about DIY decorating for Halloween.

Other than helping you bond with your kids, what is another benefit of making your own Halloween decorations?

Let's face it: Halloween is a highly commercialized holiday. Make your own decorations to spend less than you would have to at the store.


What can be turned into a good, homemade alternative to store-bought spider webs?

Tear the gauze and pair it with drawn or constructed spiders for the perfect Halloween effect.


What should you do before sticking your stenciled and drawn spiders on your outdoor walkway?

In many areas, Halloween is a holiday with poor weather. Laminating your spiders will help prevent them from being washed down the water spout.


What is a supply you can use to make small ghost decorations?

A tissue-sized ghost won't be very scary on its own, but a cluster of them can have an intensified effect.


What is an especially nice touch for large-scale ghosts that you will hang outside?

The glow-in-the-dark paint can be useful for painting eyes and perhaps a mouth on your outdoor ghost.


What secondary Halloween purpose, beyond just decoration, can a witch's broom be useful for?

By stringing lights around them and placing them along a walkway, brooms can be as ghoulishly useful as they are witchingly stylish.


What supply can easily be made into a witch's hat decoration?

Roll a cardboard rectangle and staple the overlapping edges for the perfect witch hat. Black is the obvious color choice.


What can you use to put out a bunch of candy corn?

Hollow out a gourd or pumpkin as the perfect Halloween storage bowl.


What can make a pumpkin or gourd stand out from your traditional jack-o'-lantern?

Pumpkins and gourds come in a wide range of colors that can easily catch the eye next to a regular orange jack-o'-lantern. Gourds can be found in a wide range of bright colors, and there are also lighter yellow pumpkins available.


What is a fun and creepy decorating idea that uses dolls and rubber snakes?

By putting all sorts of strange items, such as these, into mason jars full of colored water (use food coloring) you can create a great mad scientist "specimen jar" effect.


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