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Outside of the topical remedies, will your skin benefit from living a leafy lifestyle? Is the skin of a vegetarian healthier than that of the carnivores of the world? Find out in this quiz.

Vegetarians tend to avoid habits that are bad for the skin.

Some experts believe that vegetarians who eat healthy may also avoid bad habits such as smoking.


There is no documented evidence that a vegetarian diet has any effect on the skin.

Despite what some believe, there is no evidence to suggest that a vegetarian diet is better (or worse) for the skin.


Fruits and vegetables can naturally have a positive effect on skin health.

Load up on fruits and vegetables! They contain many natural nutrients to maintain healthy skin.


Whole grains are rich in fiber, which helps flush toxins from your system and skin.

Load up on whole grains and legumes! The fiber helps keep your skin healthy by flushing out harmful toxins.


The most important B vitamin for skin is biotin, which forms the foundation of skin, nail and hair cells.

A great amount of biotin is consumed by vegetarians due to it being found in bananas, rice and oatmeal. Biotin is the basis for healthy skin cells.


Antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E can provoke free radicals, causing them to spread rapidly.

Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and can prevent skin issues. Vitamin A, C and E can also help reverse some of the negative effects of the free radicals.


Skin problems are caused by free radicals inside our bodies.

The free radicals lead to premature aging in the skin in the form of wrinkles and blemishes.


Plant-based diets are typically high in fat.

Plant-based diets are low in fat and avoid the pore-clogging saturated fats found in animal products.


Vitamins A, C and E are found in fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The fruits, nuts and vegetables that vegetarians regularly eat contain vitamins A, C and E.


Beans can sometimes cause zits, pimples and redness.

The zinc found in beans actually combats skin inflammation and zits.


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