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Almost every makeup enthusiast has a set of brushes and beauty tools that they use daily. Some of these brushes are used to deposit loose mineral powder into the crevices of the face, while others are used for more precise applications, such as concealing or contouring. Let's take a look at some examples of beauty brushes and tools below.

Some brushes are round and fluffy and are great for large surface areas of the face and body. Examples of these brushes include the kabuki brush and the palm brush. Other brushes are great for applying liquid foundation, like a foundation brush. If you want to focus more on the eyes, you can use tools like a flat shader eye brush or a pointed eyeliner brush.

There are also brushes for the lips, such as a lip liner brush and a lip gloss brush. A lip liner brush is used to accurately line the outer edges of the lips, while a lip gloss brush is used to deposit an even layer of lip gloss on the lips.

This quiz will look at 40 different beauty brushes and tools that makeup enthusiasts use. Think you know everything there is to know about beauty tools? Take this quiz now to find out!

Which of the following is the correct use for a cleansing brush?

A cleansing brush is used to clean and exfoliate your face. The rotating brush head ensures a deep clean to get rid of all that build-up in pores.


What is a Dermaplaning exfoliator used for?

Dermaplaning exfoliators are used to get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin cells. To use this tool, just gently slide the exfoliator in even strokes towards the outward areas of your face.


How are you supposed to use a light therapy acne mask?

Light therapy acne masks are very easy to use. Just put the mask on your face and press the button for it to start working.


Which of these brushes is used for applying foundation?

An oval brush is used to apply foundation and concealer. It's also shaped like an oval for even coverage of the face.


You can blend liquid foundation by using a ... ?

For a streak-free foundation application, use a foundation brush. It's best to start in the center of your face and blend the foundation towards the outward areas.


Which of these brushes is best for distributing powder on your face?

As the name implies, a powder brush is used for holding and distributing powder evenly throughout your face. Light strokes are best used on the face and neck areas.


Face makeup can be best layered by using which of these brushes?

Many stippling brushes are made out of both synthetic and animal hairs. This allows for an even layering of foundation, followed by blush or bronzer.


What do you think a concealer brush is used for?

Blemishes and dark circles are no match for a concealer brush, which is used to pat a small amount of concealer on the affected area. Only a small amount should be used at a time to avoid a "caked" appearance.


You can apply powder or cream blush by using a(n) _______ brush.

A blush brush does exactly what its name implies: it's used for applying blush to your face. Be sure to start on the lower part of your cheekbones and blend upward.


A _______ brush is used for highlighting and contouring your face.

A contour brush is used for contouring and highlighting various parts of your face, like your nose and cheekbones. This brush is also slanted for the curved areas of your face.


Eyeshadow can be applied to your eyelids via an ... ?

An eyebase brush is used to apply eyeshadow to your eyelids. It's also typically wide in length for an even application.


Precise eye makeup is applied using a(n) ... ?

An angled eyeshadow brush has an angled curve to it for a precise eye makeup application. This is also great for winged tips on the outer edges of your eye.


You can gently smudge eye makeup by using a ... ?

A smudger brush is used to smudge eye makeup for an edgy look, such as smokey eyes. The small bristles can also seamlessly blend mishaps and lines together.


You can line your lips with lip liner or with a ... ?

A lip brush is used to line your lips and to apply lip color. To line your lips, just follow the curvature of your lips by using slow strokes with this brush.


A lash/brow brush is used to ... ?

A lash/brow brush features two sides: a comb side and a brush side. These are used to tame unruly eyebrow hairs.


What do you think a spoolie is?

A spoolie is used to groom your eyebrows, and looks like the wand of a mascara tube. To use it, just brush your eyebrow hairs in the same direction of growth.


What are tweezers used for?

Tweezers are used to pluck unwanted or unruly facials hairs (such as eyebrow or chin hairs). The tool is also best for shaping eyebrows and is very cost effective.


How do you use a peel off mask?

A peel off mask does exactly what its name implies: it peels off! You just rub an even layer over the skin, and peel it off after its dry.


A beautyblender should be used when it's ...

Beauty blenders should be damp (not completely soaked) so the makeup can seamlessly blend into your skin. It will also add a small dose of moisture to the product and to your face.


How should you use a beautyblender?

Stippling is a fancy word for "gently patting" product on your face. Rubbing a beautyblender sponge may cause a "caked" look.


You can give yourself a facial massage by using what?

A jade roller is popular in Chinese culture and aids with facial circulation. To use it, simply run the roller over your face, toward the outward areas.


What is an eyelash curler used for?

An eyelash curler is used to curl your lashes upwards. Just place the eyelash curler over your eyelid, with the lashes in between the pressers, and gently curl your eyelashes.


Blending and shading can be achieved with a(n) ... ?

These fluffy brushes typically have short and small bristles, but are used to seamlessly blend lines and mishaps together. They can also be used for shading eye makeup.


You can get rid of excess facial powder with a ________ brush.

The wide curvature of a fan brush is used to get rid of excess particles left by too much powder. It can also be used to apply a light amount of bronzer.


This type of brush can fit in the palm of your hand and is used to apply facial powder to the face and body. Can you name it?

A palm brush doesn't have a stem like most brushes and is used to apply facial products to the face and body. It's also best used in circular motions.


Which of these brushes can apply both dry and damp makeup?

A complexion brush can adhere to both damp and dry facial products. It's also best to use this brush in the center of the face, then blend outwards.


You can use a(n) ______ brush to apply dry makeup, like powders, to large surface areas of your face and body.

A kabuki brush has a small stem with a big, fluffy brush on the top. It's used to apply powders to your face and body, and is best used in circular motions.


Highlighter is best applied by using a ... ?

A highlighter brush is angled so that it can adhere to specific curvatures of your face, like your cheekbones. It's also used for contouring.


Which of these brushes is used to apply bronzer to the face and neck?

A bronzer brush does exactly what its name implies: it applies bronzer to the face and neck areas. The bristles of these brushes are not as dense either so that you won't get a heavy (and potentially too orange) application of bronzer.


What is a mineral powder brush used for?

While a mineral powder brush is best used for mineral powders, it can deposit bronzer and blush particles on the face as well. The bristles are also typically dense in nature to hold a lot of product.


Which of these brushes is used for eyeshadow shading?

A pencil brush is used for shading around the eye area. The tip is rounded and soft to seamlessly blend eye makeup, such as eyeliner.


You can create a cat eye look with a ... ?

A cat eye look involves a winged tip towards each end of the eye. This can be achieved by using a pointed eyeliner brush, which is typically angled.


What is a lip gloss brush used for?

To apply an even coat of lip gloss to your lips, simply use a lip gloss brush. This brush is usually soft and angled to deposit an even amount of lip gloss.


You can apply either dry or wet eyeshadow to the creases of your eye with this kind of brush.

A crease brush is used to deposit either wet or dry eyeshadow particles into the creases of your eyes. It's typically rounded and fluffy with short bristles.


A flat shader eye brush is used to ...

A flat shader eye brush is used to apply eyeshadow all over your eyelids. It's also made to hold quite a bit of product, so only apply a little bit of eyeshadow at a time.


This type of brush is used to apply eyeshadow to the creases and to the outer corners of the eye. Can you name it?

An angled shader brush is used to apply eyeshadow to the creases of the eye, as well as the outer corners. It may also hold loose or pressed particles from eyeshadow.


A flat eyeliner brush is used to ... ?

You can line your eyes with a flat eyeliner brush for an edgy look. This can be done using short, even strokes or by using a stippling motion.


Which of these brushes is used to groom the eyebrows?

A brow brush is used to smooth out unruly eyebrow hairs. To use it, just brush the eyebrow hairs in the direction of growth.


You can contour and highlight various parts of your face by using a ... ?

A tapered face brush is used to highlight and contour various parts of your face. It's also tapered in appearance, and is great for hard-to-reach crevices, like the nose area.


Which of these brushes has two ends to it?

A cheek & contour brush has dual ends for a variety of purposes, including highlighting, contouring and for applying blush. One end is round and fluffy, while the other end is more flat.


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